Wordlist 24 my brand is me
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Wordlist 24 My Brand Is Me. 1. Asset (n .) Definition: a useful and desirable thing or quality Synonym: property, resources Example: Organizational ability is an asset. Word Family : as·set·less , adjective. 2. Corporate (v .) Definition: relating to a large company

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Wordlist 24 my brand is me
Wordlist 24My Brand Is Me

1. Asset (n.)

Definition: a useful and desirable thing or quality

Synonym: property, resources

Example: Organizational ability is an asset.

Word Family:

as·set·less, adjective

2. Corporate (v.)

Definition:relating to a large company

Synonym: business

Example: corporate executives

Word Family:

cor·po·rate·ly, adverb

cor·po·rate·ness, noun

an·ti·cor·por·ate, adjective

an·ti·cor·por·ate·ly, adverb

an·ti·cor·por·ate·ness, noun

3. Elaborate (v.)

Definition:Carefully prepared

Synonym: complicated, detailed

Example: The country has an elaborate political system.

Word Family:

e·lab·o·rate·ly, adverb

e·lab·o·rate·ness, noun

e·lab·o·ra·tive, adjective

e·lab·o·ra·tor, noun

non·e·lab·o·rate, adjective

4. Hang out (v.)

Definition:to spend a lot of time in a place or with someone


Example: I've been hanging out backstage with the band.

Word Family:

5. High opinion (exp.)

Definition:think somebody or something is good.


Example: The boss have a high opinion of her.

Word Family:

6. Hip (adj.)

Definition:familiar with or informed about the latest ideas, styles, developments

Synonym: fashionable, popular

Example: My parents aren't exactly hip, you know.

Word Family:

hip·ly, adverb

7. Insult you to your face (exp.)

Definition: insult



Word Family:

8. Nonconformity (n.)

Definition: refusal to conform, as with established customs, attitudes, or ideas.


Example: His choice of clothes was a sign of nonconformity.

Word Family:

9. Presume (v.)

Definition: to believe something to be true because it is very likely, although you are not certain

Synonym: assume, suppose

Example: I presume (that) they're not coming, since they haven't replied to the invitation.

Word Family:

pre·sum·ed·ly, adverb

pre·sum·er, noun

un·pre·sumed, adjective

10. Punk (adj.)

Definition: a culture popular among young people, especially in the late 1970s, involving opposition to authority expressed through shocking behaviour, clothes, and hair, and fast, loud music



Word Family:

11. Radical (adj.)

Definition: believing or expressing the belief that there should be great or extreme social or political change

Synonym: progressive, revolutionary

Example: He was known as a radical reformer/ thinker/ politician.

Word Family:

rad·i·cal·ness, noun

half-rad·i·cal, adjective

half-rad·i·cal·ly, adverb

mul·ti·rad·i·cal, adjective

non·rad·i·cal, adjective, noun

12. Street-wise (adj.)

Definition: able to deal successfully with dangerous or difficult situations in big towns or cities where there is a lot of crime


Example: McDonald was as streetwise as any of the criminals he had investigated.

Word Family:

13. Subsidize (v.)

Definition: to pay part of the cost of something

Synonym: support, pay subsidy

Example: The refugees live in subsidized housing provided by the authorities.

Word Family:

sub·si·diz·a·ble, adjective

sub·si·di·za·tion, noun

sub·si·diz·er, noun

de·sub·si·di·za·tion, noun

de·sub·si·dize, verb (used with object), de·sub·si·dized, de·sub·si·diz·ing.

14. Trustworthiness (n.)

Definition: the state of being able to be trusted

Synonym: integrity

Example: One of his charactristics is his trustworthiness.

Word Family: