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Please email any questions you have to jenn PowerPoint Presentation
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Please email any questions you have to jenn

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Please email any questions you have to jenn - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Please email any questions you have to jenn

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  1. In the interest of everyone’s sanity, Please email any questions you have to jenn

  2. Scary Larry… Understanding Davis School District’s Leave Policies

  3. AttendaNCE AT TRAININGS Educators are provided 5 Professional Days School trainings on Professional Days shall be planned in consultation with our department’s JSSC. January 18, 2012 – 2 Hour Training Educators new to Davis District are obliged to attend new employee trainings that may require time in addition to their regular contract days.

  4. What are my obligations beyond contract time?

  5. Full-time licensed employees • Administrators may require their faculties to attend up to 2 monthly meetings of 45 minutes each immediately before or after school . Attendance at these meetings is not optional and shall not entitle educators to additional compensation. (6.11.1[c]) • In addition, Counselors and related servers will receive 2 hours of released time per month to attend District professional development activitites (4.13.4)

  6. Part-Time licensed Employees • …part-time employees shall be subject to the same District policies, procedures, and assignments as any other licensed employees. They shall attend faculty meetings, parent/teacher conferences and other meetings required by the principal without additional compensation. (6.2.3) • Part-time employees are expected to work their regular hours AND attend faculty/staff training days.

  7. But I work 20 hours/week or less! • In consultation with DEA, it has been determined that it is reasonable to require employees who work 20 hours or less weekly to attend 1.5 hours of training 1 time per month without additional compensation. • These employees are strongly encouraged to attend a full ½ day of training once per month (faculty/staff training day). If employees choose to only attend for 1.5 hours, it is their responsibility to gather the information they missed.

  8. The brass tacks… • We have a legal obligation to provide SpEd services to students as required by their IEPs. It is also expected that professionals will adhere to the schedules they have arranged with their schools as closely as possible. • As such, employees will not be permitted to trade days or adjust their hours in order to be compensated for their time at faculty/staff meetings.

  9. What about other trainings? • When required to attend trainings during the school day, part-time and full-time employees (when applicable) need to work with RS department administrators to arrange for services to be delivered to their students by other professionals (i.e. substitutes when possible).

  10. How about comp time? As licensed personnel, all employees are expected to work until their job responsibilities have been met.

  11. Full-time employees will not receive additional compensation for hours they work beyond their daily contract time. • Part-time employees will not receive comp time for the hours they work beyond their daily contract time. • Please do not ask to “bank” hours and then use those hours as leave or comp time at a later date. • If part-timers need to miss their regular work hours due to illness or personal commitments, please do not ask to “trade” days. Please report and use the leave you have been given.

  12. Bits of Compensation… • Medicaid Hours • SEP Makeup Hours


  14. As in the past… • If you are a part-timer, you are encouraged to work the days that are in the middle of the week as much as possible. • This provides students with the best bang for their buck. • The size of your paycheck will not be affected by having a Monday or Friday off. • Use the information provided by Meridee with your time card to determine how many hours to work on short weeks.

  15. For Example… Labor Day is September 5th. That leaves 32 hours of work for the week for full-time employees. Multiply 32 hours by your FTE to find how many hours you are to work for the week. If you are .4 FTE, you need to work 12.8 hours.

  16. Leave without pay? • All applicable paid leave available to an employee shall be used prior to unpaid leave usage (5.12.1[b]) • Unpaid leaves of absences for fewer than 10 work days may be approved by the principal or program supervisor. (5.12.4) • The reason for the leave and the employee’s previous leave history will be taken into account when making this determination. • Unpaid leave beyond 10 work days must be approved by the Superintendent (5.12.14)

  17. What if something WEIRD happens?!

  18. WE are nice people • Our entire Related Services administrative team considers and discusses leave requests in great depth. We know life throws people curve-balls. PLEASE let us know when emergencies come up! We are absolutely willing to work with you to find reasonable solutions when unexpected problems arise.