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Whats New in OWA, Mobility, and Calendaring in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SESSION CODE: UNC203. What's New in OWA, Mobility, and Calendaring in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1. Adam Glick Sr. Technical Product Manager Microsoft Corporation [email protected] Agenda. Outlook Web App in Exchange 2010 SP1

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What s new in owa mobility and calendaring in microsoft exchange server 2010 sp1 l.jpg


What's New in OWA, Mobility, and Calendaring in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1

Adam Glick

Sr. Technical Product Manager

Microsoft Corporation

[email protected]

Agenda l.jpg

  • Outlook Web App in Exchange 2010 SP1

  • Internet Calendar Publishing

  • Update on Mobility in Exchange 2010 SP1

More Info.

Owa 2010 sp1 l.jpg

OWA 2010 SP1

Simple, Fast, Complete

Performance a scenario focused approach l.jpg
Performance – A Scenario Focused Approach

  • Sign in

  • Read/Preview conversation

  • Upload attachments

  • Other common scenarios

    • Delete

    • Empty a folder

    • Categorize / Flag

    • Mark as read

    • Move

Slide10 l.jpg

The Results100 ms / 5 Mbps

Slide11 l.jpg

The Results100 ms / 5 Mbps

More Info.

Address key gaps from rtm l.jpg
Address Key Gaps from RTM

  • Address key gaps from previous releases

    • Themes

    • Calendar print

    • SharePoint Web Parts

    • Reading Pane bottom

  • Solid story with Communications Server

    • Lower touch administration

    • Cross-premises support

    • Communications Server 14 Privacy feature

Complete key experiences l.jpg
Complete Key Experiences

  • Composing email

    • Add inline images

    • Auto-save drafts

  • Reading email

    • ‘Download all’ attachments as a zip

    • Better IT attachment control (including XML attachments)

  • Adding internet calendar sharing

Internet calendar sharing in exchange 2010 sp1 l.jpg

Internet Calendar Sharing in Exchange 2010 SP1

Calendar Publishing and Subscribing

What is calendar sharing how does it work l.jpg
What is Calendar Sharing / How does it work?

  • iCalendar – RFC 2445

  • Admin enables org. (off by default)

  • User chooses to publish their calendar

  • Server provides URL for data retrieval

    • No credentials necessary

    • Restricted URL

    • Public URL

  • User selects level of detail, date range, etc.

  • More Info.

    Internet publishing in exchange l.jpg
    Internet Publishing in Exchange

    The Setup

    • Dedicated calendar vdir - per CAS

    • Calendar vdir created during setup/upgrade

    • Calendar vdir defaults:

      • Access is disabled

      • Authentication mode set to anonymous

    • Sharing policy is disabled by default



    Internet publishing in exchange17 l.jpg
    Internet Publishing in Exchange

    The Administrator Experience

    0) PRE-REQUISITE: OWA external URL must be set

    Set-OWAVirtualDirectory–Identity <CAS>

    -CalendarPublishingEnabled $true

    Set-OWAVirtualDirectory –Identity <CAS> -ExternalURL <externalURLforCAS>

    Admin must enable internet access to Exchange published calendars

    Admin must enable sharing policy for internet publishing

    Set-SharingPolicy –Identity <PolicyName>

    -Domains “Anonymous:<accesslevel>”

    Set-MailboxCalendarFolder –Identity <alias>:\calendar

    -SearchableUrlEnabled(default $false)

    -DetailLevel(default AvailabilityOnly)

    -PublishDateRangeFrom(default ThreeMonths)

    -PublishDateRangeTo(default ThreeMonths)

    3) Once policy and vdir access are set, can publish calendar

    4) Once calendar is published, can retrieve URL’s

    Get-MailboxCalendarFolder –Identity <alias>:\calendar

    Example URL:<userID+CalendarID>.ics

    Internet publishing in exchange18 l.jpg
    Internet Publishing in Exchange

    The End User Experience

    • Can only publish one “version” per calendar folder

      • Restricted URL, must send URL to recipients

      • Public URL, calendar is easily discoverable

    • Reset URL

      • Only applies to restricted URLs

      • Can reset by recycling published calendar - will generate new URL

      • Re-send new URL to intended recipients

    What everyone wants to know l.jpg
    What Everyone Wants to Know

    The Security Concerns

    • How do I protect my other resources/users?

      • Complete Isolation

      • Throttling

    • How do I know my org is secured?

      • Off by default

      • Explicit opt-in process

    • How can I tell if someone is sharing a calendar?

    • Get-MailboxCalendarFolder–Identity <alias>:\calendar

    Internet calendar subscriptions l.jpg
    Internet Calendar Subscriptions

    • Subscribe to other Internet calendars and have Exchange manage data storage and synchronization

    • Subscribed calendars available on all Exchange clients that have multi-calendar support

    • Throttling for subscriptions

    Calendar Service



    Demo calendar user experience l.jpg

    Demo – Calendar User Experience


    Exchange activesync in exchange 2010 sp1 l.jpg

    Exchange ActiveSync in Exchange 2010 SP1

    Allow/Block/Quarantine and New Client Features

    Exchange activesync what s new l.jpg
    Exchange ActiveSync - What’s New

    • Partners

    • ABQ administration user experience

    • New conversation view

    • GAL photos

    • Simple rights protected messaging

    • Improved monitoring

    • Higher resiliency

    More Info.

    Allow block quarantine l.jpg
    Allow / Block / Quarantine

    • Approved device list

      • By device type

      • By user

    • Block an unsupported device

    • Quarantine

      • E-mail sent

      • Administrator approved

    Allow block quarantine26 l.jpg
    Allow / Block / Quarantine


    New device

    CEO is special

    Block List

    Allow List



    No Policy

    No Policy


    • Anything Unknown






    More Info.

    Person: Is there a special case for this user?

    Device: Are we blocking or allowing this device?

    Anything Unknown: What is done when no policy applies?

    Messag e diffs l.jpg
    Message Diffs

    A new, efficient conversation

    Relevant information

    A conversation

    An email

    Other improvements l.jpg
    Other Improvements

    • SP1

      • EAS throttling

      • SMS Sync folder selection

      • Battery life improvements

    • RTM

      • POP/IMAP performance improvements

      • Lunar calendar support

      • Updatable client

      • Forward/Reply information

      • “You were BCC’d” MailTip

      • Free/Busy lookup

      • Notes Sync

    More Info.

    Summary l.jpg

    • OWA

      • Easier, more intuitive,

      • Better performance

      • Customizable UI, Web Parts and Themes

    • Calendar

      • Anonymous external calendar sharing

      • Anonymous external calendar publishing

      • Calendar subscribing

    • Mobility

      • Server side

        • Allow Block Quarantine UI

        • Customizable quarantine email

        • IRM over EAS policy

      • Client side

        • SMS folder

        • GAL photos

        • Conv. message diffs, quick actions & mtg. request buttons

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