The early middle ages
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The Early Middle Ages. Erica Ness Moreno Valley High School AP Art History. Christian Imagery. Creation Virgin Jesus Christ 12 Disciples 4 Evangelists (Gospels) Crucifixtion Resurrection Old Testament and Two Testament. Chronology. Three Main periods:

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The early middle ages

The Early Middle Ages

Erica Ness

Moreno Valley High School

AP Art History

Christian imagery
Christian Imagery

  • Creation

  • Virgin

  • Jesus Christ

  • 12 Disciples

  • 4 Evangelists (Gospels)

  • Crucifixtion

  • Resurrection

  • Old Testament and Two Testament


  • Three Main periods:

    • 5th – Early 11th Century CE: Early Midieval

      • Early Midieval (Visigoths, Lombards, Norse, Celts, Saxons) -> Carolingian -> Vikings -> Ottonian

    • 11th– 12th Century CE: Romanesque

    • Mid 12th – 10th Century CE: Gothic

Important dates
Important Dates

  • Events Described in Beowulf (6th Century CE)

  • Death of Muhammad (632 CE)

  • Moors Conquer Spain (711 – 715 CE)

  • Charlemagne Crowned Holy Roman Emperor (800 CE)

  • Viking Invade England (866 CE)

  • Beginning of Ottonian Rule (936 CE)

Northern european

Northern European


Vikings c. 800-1000 C.E.


  • Earliest surviving manuscript of a European epic composed in Vernacular.

  • Strong sense of Christian morality.

  • 2 parts; One he saves the king of Denmark by destroying Grendel, Second he becomes a king.

  • Epic ends with the story of his funeral rites and burial.

Sutton hoo purse cover
Sutton Hoo Purse Cover

Date: c. 630 C.E.

Location: East Angllia, England

Medium: Gold with Garnets and Cloisonne originally on ivory or bone.

Period: Saxon

Animal head post
Animal-Head Post

Date: 800-850

Location: Oseberg, Norway

Medium: Hardwood

Period: Viking

The rok stone
The Rok Stone

Date: Early 9th Century

Location: Ostergotland, Sweden

Period: Viking

Hiberno saxon art

Hiberno-Saxon Art

Stone Crosses

Illuminated Manuscripts

Lion symbol of saint john from the book of durrow fol 191v
Lion Symbol of Saint John, From the Book of Durrow, fol. 191v.

Date: 650-700 Medium: Illuminated Manuscript on Vellum

Tunc crucifixerant xpi from the book of kells fol 124r
TuncCrucifixerant XPI, from the book of Kells, fol. 124r.

Date: Late 8th or Early 9th Century

Medium: Illuminated Manuscript on Vellum

Celtic cross
Celtic Cross

Date: Late 8th Century

Location:Ahenny, Tipperary, Ireland

Carolingian period

Carolingian Period

December 25th, 800 Carlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor

Court school of charlemagne christ blessing from the godescalc gospels
Court School of Charlemagne, Christ Blessing, from the Godescalc Gospels

Date: 781-783

Medium: Text Written in Gold and Silver on Vellum

Saint john from the coroniation gospels fol 178v
Saint John, From the Coroniation Gospels, fol 178v

Date: Late 8th Century

Medium: Parchment

Four evangelists from a carolingian gospel book
Four Evangelists, From a Carolingian Gospel Book

Date: Early 9th Century

Location: Palace Chapel School, Aachen

Christ in majesty vivian bible frontispiece fol 329v
Christ in Majesty, Vivian Bible, Frontispiece, fol. 329v

Date: 845-846 Medium: Tempera on Vellum.

Interior of charlemagne s palace chapel
Interior of Charlemagne’s Palace Chapel

Architect: Odo of Metz

Date: 792-805 Location: Aachen

Lorsch gatehouse
Lorsch Switzerland Gatehouse

Date: c. 760

Location: Lorsch, Germany

Ottonian period

Ottonian Switzerland Period

Three Rulers named Otto who stabilized the Holy Roman Empire

St luke from the gospel book of otto iii
St. Luke, SwitzerlandFrom the Gospel book of Otto III

Date: C. 1000

Medium: Tempera on Vellum

Abbey church of st michael s hildesheim
Abbey Church of St. Michael’s, Hildesheim Switzerland

Date: c. 1001-1031

Bronze doors st michael s
Bronze Doors, St. Michael’s Switzerland

Date: 1015

Location: Hildesheim, Germany

Medium: Bronze

Bronze doors st michael s1
Bronze Doors, St. Michael’s Switzerland

Adam and Eve