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Name: SooChing TingMatrix no.: A146939Faculty: PharmacyCourse: PharmacyName of programme: PestaAngPow (PAP) ke-15 No. kelulusan: DN00189/2014Date: 21 March to 12 May 2014Place: DewanSerbaguna, KolejTun Syed Nasir (DSBG KTSN)Position hold in the programme: Exco of Publicity


MajlisTertinggi of PestaAngPow had organised an introduction ceremony on 13 December 2013, from 8pm to 10pm to introduce about the programme, recruit the committee members and also choose the suitable students to hold the positions and performer.

  • This event is held at DewanSerbaguna, KolejTun Syed Nasir.
  • They had also introduced us the every senior who will guide us in organising this activitiy.
  • I had been chosen as the Exco of Publicity. I was given a short briefing by former Exco about the job scope we should carry out.

Introduction Ceremony of PAP ke-15


On 23 December 2013, we had attended the first time meeting at DSBG, from 7pm to 10pm. We had a short breaking ice session with other committee members and performers. After that, we discussed about the theme to be used in the programme. Finally, we had decided “Chasing Your Dream” as the theme of the programme.


every exco were requested to design the official T-shirt and badge of PAP ke-15. Though our design pattern was not being selected eventually, still we learned to design the pattern using computer software.

T-shirt and badge designation by Exco of Publicity


On 26 December 2013, we had our first meeting for our publicity group. We discussed about the work we need to do with committee members. We have distributed the work among ourselves as our group consist of two excos and one committee member only.

There are a few works that we were responsible to do:

  • Designing poster, banner, flyer and promotion video.
  • Sending invitation letter to other universities’ Chinese club or event to invite them to watch our performance either formally via email or informally via text messaging.
  • Calling to newspaper companies to request the reporter to come to our performance and publish a column of our programme in the newspaper.
  • Selling handmade merchandise at the booth besides DSBG on the day of programme along with marketing group.

On 28 February 2014, we had the first rehearsal on 8pm to 11pm. Though Publicity group did not have to participate in the rehearsal, still we need to gather to update the work we had carried out, discussed together about the problems faces and worked out the solutions together.

  • On 2 March 2014 (8pm to 10.30pm), we had a meeting to discuss about the progression of work carried out by each group at DSBG. Our group was reprimanded as our progression is quite slow as at that time the poster and banner were designed well yet.
  • I learned to be efficient in doing work in order to complete the work given in time. After the meeting, we were required to stay at DSBG to continue designing the poster and banner with the help and advice from several seniors. I have also learned to be punctual during every meeting.

Meeting about work progressing at the DSBG


On 21 February 2014 (8.30pm-10pm), we had a ‘Collection Activity’ briefing at DSBG.

  • On 23 February 2014 (9am-5pm), we were involved in ‘Collection Activity’. We had to gather at volley ball court as early as 7am. My group were arranged to collect stuffs or money which need to be used for performance from shop to shop at Jalan Ipoh and WangsaMaju. ‘Collection Activity’ can reduce the expenses of programme.
  • I learned to communicate with other people in a polite manner especially asking help from them. I also learned the observation skills as we had to observe goods sold in the shop before asking the person in-charged the things we would like to ask them to donate for us. We learned to be honest and sincere to help PAP ke-15 to collect as much donation as possible and did not keep the donation ourselves.
  • I also learned to protect myself and other group members by always alerting as we had to walk around the place we had never been before.

Briefing at the volley ball court before the collection activity started


We had held meetings on the dates below:

  • We had rehearsals on the dates below: