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Global 10. Test 3.2 Review. Marshall Plan. Plan whose purpose was to help Europe rebuild after WWII. Cold War. The name for the ideological competition between the US and USSR: Democracy vs. Communism. Nuclear. Concern for this type of war deterred the US and USSR from engaging in battle.

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Global 10

Global 10

Test 3.2 Review

Marshall plan
Marshall Plan

  • Plan whose purpose was to help Europe rebuild after WWII

Cold war
Cold War

  • The name for the ideological competition between the US and USSR: Democracy vs. Communism


  • Concern for this type of war deterred the US and USSR from engaging in battle

Global 10

  • Formed in 1949 as a mutual defense pact


  • Name for the US policy of trying to stop the spread of communism

Warsaw pact
Warsaw Pact

  • Communist counterpart to NATO; formed in 1955


  • Status of most East European countries after WWII

Stalin khrushchev brezhnev gorbachev yeltsin putin
Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin

  • Leaders (6) of Soviet Union after Lenin

Berlin wall
Berlin Wall

  • Built to prevent East Germans from escaping to West Germany

Arms race
Arms Race

  • Expensive competition for weapons superiority during cold war


  • Gorbachev’s program to improve the efficiency of the Soviet economy

Global 10

  • Word that means a sudden overthrow of a government


  • Soviet leader who increased freedom of expression and free enterprise (capitalism), and whose programs caused cold war tensions to decrease


  • Russian word for “openness;” a program of Gorbachev

Fall of berlin wall reunification
Fall of Berlin Wall; Reunification

  • Two events in Germany that symbolized the end of the cold war


  • Political Party that dominates the Chinese government

Great leap forward
Great Leap Forward

  • Mao’s program whose goal was to increase industrial and agricultural production

Cultural revolution
Cultural Revolution

  • Chinese program (1960s) to promote and glorify Mao

One child policy
One-Child Policy

  • Policy enacted in the late 70s/early 80s in China to deal with overpopulation


  • Support from this group helped the Bolsheviks and Chinese Communists to be successful in their revolutions


  • Lack of housing, difficulty in meeting people’s needs, and the one-child policy are all caused by this problem

A pro democracy protest
A Pro-Democracy Protest

  • What took place in Tiananmen Square in 1989?

Global 10

  • Natural resource that is one of Japan’s most critical needs; imports over 90% from Middle East

Favorable balance of trade
Favorable Balance of Trade

  • Exports greater than imports

United states
United States

  • Nation that gave economic aid to Japan to create an ally against communism

Pol pot
Pol Pot

  • Hitler’s “Final Solution” can be compared to this leader’s actions in Cambodia

Domino theory
Domino Theory

  • Name for the theory that if one nation became communist, others around it would also


  • The US underestimation of the determination of its enemy was a reason for failure in this war (1960s/70s)