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Unbroken Paula Morris September 2012 Young Adult Fiction PowerPoint Presentation
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Unbroken Paula Morris September 2012 Young Adult Fiction

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Unbroken Paula Morris September 2012 Young Adult Fiction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unbroken Paula Morris September 2012 Young Adult Fiction. Morgan DeBorde Period 3. Setting.

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Unbroken Paula Morris September 2012 Young Adult Fiction

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  • The setting is dark and gloomy and takes place in-between two cemeteries. It is in present day and over spring break. It is always rainy and makes it seem like a developed rain forest. It is very important because you wouldn’t picture ghosts walking around in a sunny, beautiful town. It wouldn’t make any sense because again when you picture ghost you picture a haunted house or a cemetery which is where it is not a sunny happy town.
  • In this story you can find many different conflicts. If you really think about the main issue you would see that it is how Rebecca, Anton, and Ling risk their lives to free a ghost from the underworld. They fight many people, dive into deadly situations, and race against time to free Frank, this is why I see this to be the conflict. Since they fight many people and actually fight themselves I would see this conflict as man vs. man.
summary of plot
Summary of Plot
  • Rebecca, her friend Ling, and her dad Travel to New Orleans for spring break. When she arrives a ghost confronts her and ask for her help. For the remainder of her trip she travels around New Orleans helping her ghost friend and fighting off people who don’t want her to save the ghost. In all of that she manages to get back together with her old boyfriend and become much closer with her dad.
  • Always help people in need because the favor will be returned.
  • Text Evidence 1: “I’ll find you again, I promise.” page 39
  • Text Evidence 2: “Thank you for finding this priceless locket, how can I repay you.” page 279
  • Text Evidence 3: “ Frank wouldn’t be there any more he was free, thanks to us.” page 285
point of view
Point of View
  • The story is told through Rebecca’s eyes. It is important because she is the one who deals with the ghost. Lets say in was told by Ling it would be rather boring because she had no idea about the ghosts. Also you get to she what Rebecca is feeling and how she is dealing with seeing ghost and losing her family.
  • I picked I photo of two people holding hands because this booked was all based upon two people helping each other. This affected the story by this because the story would have been completely boring without Rebecca meeting Frank and deciding she needs to help him.
  • I would recommend this book to any one who is in to ghosts and a little romance. Since it is the second book in the series I would also recommend the first book “Ruined.” This book is worth reading because it includes many different genres all in one: science fiction, romance, historical fiction too. So I think everyone would love this book!