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By Rob Pavlik

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Toothpicks. By Rob Pavlik. What Is a Toothpick?.

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By Rob Pavlik

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    1. Toothpicks By Rob Pavlik

    2. What Is a Toothpick? • A toothpick is a small stick of wood used to remove foodfrom the teeth, usually after a meal. A toothpick usually has one or two sharp ends to insert between teeth. They are also used for picking up small appetizers (like cheese cubes or olives).

    3. What Wood Is Used • The type of logs used are those of birches

    4. Step 1- The Log Stage • The process begins with birch trees. • They are then cut into logs. • The logs are then put into a de-barker. • This machine creates smooth cylinders. • The log is then transported into the unraveling machine, which strips the log like paper using 12 blades. • (1.06 mm thick)

    5. Step 2- The Billet Stage • The end result of the unraveling machine is a billet. • A billet is manually removed and carried to a puncher. • The puncher cuts identical toothpick strips at the rate of 8,000 toothpicks per second. • The end result is a soft, small piece of wood that is a prime material for picking teeth.

    6. Step 3- The Finishing Stage • These soft toothpicks are hardened in a dryer for 12 hours. • Then the toothpicks are polished using talcum powder and friction for another four hours. • The hardened toothpicks then pass through a sifter that removes damaged toothpicks. • The acceptable toothpicks are sorted into a blower and conveyor that counts and packages them at the rate of 747,500 per hour (WOW THAT’S FAST).

    7. Where Are They Sold You May Ask? • You can purchase these fine products at pharmacies and or grocery stores.

    8. Alternate Products? YES! • There are plastic toothpicks as well. • Why use a plastic toothpick inteadof wood? Well there are no fucking splinters that’s for sure and the plastics easily slips between your gums causing some people to jizz their pants and or orgasm

    9. Toothpicks For Art • Many artists use toothpicks for models such as this one below called “the toothpick city”

    10. More Art • Another famous model made out of toothpicks is called “rolling through the bay”. This model is unique because you can roll a ping pong ball through the whole structure. It takes the ball through the streets of San Francisco.

    11. Save Money!! • If you find your toothpick expenses to be getting out of hand, you may want to try lowering them. • All you have to do is go out for one romantic dinner to a nice restaurant and sneak a huge hand full of toothpicks into your pocket. • Its as easy as that!! And its not stealing. These toothpicks are for the customers! BOOM

    12. Go To Youtube! • Type in “Rolling In the Bay”

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