Affiliate marketing systems 6 proven ways
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Affiliate marketing systems 6 proven ways

Affiliate Marketing

Systems - 6 Proven

Ways to Get Paid

One of the fastest ways to make money online is through different types of

affiliate marketing systems.

Here's how this business model works...

You promote another business, product, or service and the business will

then reward you based on the sales, page visits, clicks or offers that were

completed because of your efforts.

Today, I'm going to talk about the different affiliate marketing systems, and

6 proven methods to putting more of the green stuff inside your bank


Affiliate marketing systems give you the almost all of the tools that you

need to promote their products. In fact, unlike other Internet marketing

endeavors, affiliate marketing does not always require you to have your

Own website the company will provide you with

own website. The company will provide you with your own unique affiliate

link, which you should use to direct traffic to their website.

You will also be given an account at the affiliate site. Through your account,

you can track the products that you're promoting, the number of clicks that

your affiliate links get, and how many of these clicks are being rewarded by

the company. Take note that your potential customers need to use your

affiliate links for you to get credits. Otherwise, it is impossible for the

affiliate marketing systems to track your efforts and to reward you for them.

The real secret of a successful marketing system?

Do you know the real secret of a successful marketing system?

It's called – a sales funnel.

A sales funnel is turning prospects into customers, and to repeat buyers...

Repeatedly... Without failed.

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1. Pay per sale

Pay per sale is the most common affiliate marketing system. It is also the

simplest for newbies to understand. Every time a customer buys a product

through your affiliate link, the seller pays you a commission. If you have

Your own website or blog you may place your

your own website or blog, you may place your affiliate links in the banner or

side bar. You can also send your affiliate link to your subscribers.

2. Pay per click

Those who have participated in many affiliate marketing systems know that

this is the one of the easiest to do. All you need to do is to convince your

readers or subscribers to click on your affiliate link. Your affiliate links are

usually placed in banners or other website advertisements.

While this affiliate marketing method is highly beneficial for promoters, the

business using this system might have some disadvantages. It is difficult to

track which clicks came from valid potential customers.

3 pay per link

3. Pay per link in the banner or

Pay per link is a rarely used affiliate marketing system. What you need to

do is to display the affiliate link on a website for a limited time. This may be

in the form of a link within an article or an invitation to visit the website.

Because the websites that use this promotion method are being penalized

by Google, very few use this system.

4. Pay per printout

Every time a customer prints out a coupon, the advertiser pays you a

commission. This affiliate marketing system is tracked in the same way as

pay per click. Sometimes, the merchant may also place a unique code in

the coupon, which will be used in tracking coupons for offline transactions.

5 pay per view

5. Pay per view in the banner or

Just display the advertiser's banner on your site until it receives the agreed

number of unique views. The advertiser will use various methods to make

sure that each visitor has a unique IP address.

Gone are the days where ordinary people can just setup a website, create a free report,

drive traffic to it, and build a profitable list right away.

In 2017, this strategy is no longer effective, simply because too many people are doing

the same thing...

They just copy any free content online and compile it into a free report.

Another problem is -- too much free information is available online.

Subscribers are getting confused on whom to believe, and so, they choose to ONLY

believe experts who have the credibility.

Ordinary people are getting harder to build a list in 2017.

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6. Pay per sign up

This is also one of the simplest affiliate marketing systems. You have to

convince your visitor or subscriber to visit the advertiser's site and to

Complete an action such as creating an account

complete an action, such as creating an account. The merchant usually

offers a free eBook or PLR (private label rights) product that will be sent to

their new subscribers once they complete the signup process. A sale is not


To make the most of each affiliate program that you participate in, use

various methods to promote your link. Aside from using your website, blog

and subscriber list, place your affiliate links in forum signatures (whenever

permitted by forum administrators). You can also use social media sites,

such as Facebook and Twitter in promoting products from different affiliate

marketing systems.

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