A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation
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A rizona S tate A rchery A ssociation. State Component for USA Archery/National Archery Association since 1974.   USAA/NAA is sanctioned by the US Olympic Committee to administer the USA Olympic Team. 

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A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation
ArizonaState Archery Association

  • State Component for USA Archery/National Archery Association since 1974.  

  • USAA/NAA is sanctioned by the US Olympic Committee to administer the USA Olympic Team. 

  • USAA/NAA is sanctioned by Federation International Target Archery (FITA) to administer international target archery in the USA and Olympic Archery.

  • USAA/NAA is a member of the FITA COPARCO Continental Congress which includes all the Americas.

What is the

Arizona State Archery Association (ASAA)?

A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation1
ArizonaState Archery Association

  • Male and Female

  • Youth, Adult (Seniors) and Seniors (Masters)

  • Recurve (Standard and Olympic) Compound and Barebow

  • Traditional and Crossbow are USA specific

Who are the Archers ?

A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation2
ArizonaState Archery Association

  • Outdoor, Indoor, and Field 

  • Miscellaneous





Type of Archery

A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation3
ArizonaState Archery Association

  • About 200 Arizona members are among the approximate 5,000+ USA Archery membership.

  • Dues:

    Individual USAA/ASAA $50/Year

    Club $90/Year including liability insurance.

    ASAA only $10/Year for state championships eligibility only


A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation4
ArizonaState Archery Association

  • First timer instruction, camaraderie and equipment provided by Clubs

  • Instructor Certification Classes

  • Judge Seminars

  • Tournaments provide experience and competition

  • Experienced ASAA Leadership are resources and mentor others

Membership Development

A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation5
ArizonaState Archery Association

  • After Schools Archery Program (ASAP) partner with the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) and Archery Shooters Association (ASA).

  • USA Archery Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD)

  • USA College Archery Program (CAP)

Grass Roots

A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation6
ArizonaState Archery Association

  • JOAD Clubs: 

    Targeteers JOAD

    Papago FITA Archers JOAD

    Corner Kidz

    Ben Avery JOAD

  • Collegiate: 

    Dine’ College Archery Team

    ASU Sun Devil Archers

    Embry Riddle Golden Eagles

    U of A Bowcats

  • Senior: Papago FITA Archers

  • 1 Million Dollars of liability insurance is included in the USAA/NAA yearly club membership of $90 per year! 

    (NFAA Club insurance approx. $400/year)


A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation7
ArizonaState Archery Association

  • Indoor ranges:

    Private Shop Ranges

    ERAU Gym

    ASU PE East Gym 143

  • Outdoor

    • Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix

    • Papago Sports Complex in Phoenix

    • Usery Mountain in Mesa

    • Paseo Vista in Chandler (Future)

    • PSE Pro Shop in Tucson


A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation8
ArizonaState Archery Association

  • Dollars to Arizona World Team members

  • Dollars to help to start clubs

  • Volunteer Advisors and Mentors

  • Equipment loans

  • Website and Communication

  • Register tournaments

  • Award Programs

ASAA Grants and Support

A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation9
ArizonaState Archery Association

  • Certified Instructors are best suited to run clubs.  More clubs are needed.

  • Level 1 - The USAA, NFAA, 4-H, Camps and many others share Beginner Archery Instruction Certification, as administered by the National Association for the Development of Archery (NADA) (1 day class)

  • Level 2 - USAA and NFAA share the Intermediate Archery Instruction Certification, Level 2 (2-1/2 day class)


A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation10
ArizonaState Archery Association

  • Community Coach (replaces old Level 2.5)

  • Level 3 and Level 4 - USAA Coach Development Committee oversees Coach certification, (Week long) (On going).

  • The BEST method as developed by several coaches including USAA National Coach Lee and the USAA Coach Development Committee (CDC)

  • USAA JOAD and Adult Training Camps


A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation11
ArizonaState Archery Association

  • Multi Level

    Initial Judge Candidate

    Regional Judge

    National Judge

    Continental Judge - COPARCO

    International Judge - FITA


A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation12
ArizonaState Archery Association

  • Local Club:

    Most are hosted by Papago FITA Archers and Sun Devil Archery

  • State Tournaments:

    STAR FITA is a sanctioned tournament whereby FITA will recognize world record achievement.  (fee $50)

    State Championship Indoor, Outdoor, Field and State JOAD Indoor and Outdoor Championships.

    Arizona Duel in the Desert Team selected by the

    Arizona Duel Team Trials. ( Arizona versus California)

  • Who hosts Tournaments?

    Clubs or individuals can host tournament

    More hosts are needed

    Proposal form published each year

  • ASAA rents tournament equipment for a nominal fee


A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation13
ArizonaState Archery Association

  • State Championships:

    Indoor, Outdoor, Field, JOAD Indoor and Outdoor

    Triple Crown (Overall combined: Indoor, Outdoor and Field)

    Arizona Duel Team (24 archers including 4 juniors)

    Toxophilite:  Man and Woman who have made a lasting contribution to the Arizona Target Archery Community.

  • National:

    National Championships, Indoor, Outdoor and Field

    USA World Team Trials for Indoor, Outdoor and Field as well as

    Youth (Cadet and Junior) Outdoor

    AAE Arizona Cup FITA World Ranking Tournament and US Archery Team Program Qualifier at Ben Avery Shooting Facility

    JOAD Mail In

  • International:

    AAE Arizona Cup, World Ranking Tournament

    World Cup, Ogden Utah

    World Championship (Indoor, Outdoor, Field, Youth, Collegiate)


Competition Awards

A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation14
ArizonaState Archery Association

  • Published on line and mailed annually

  • Includes:

    State and Club Tournaments

    USAA National Tournaments

    FITA Tournaments

    NFAA National Tournaments


A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation15
ArizonaState Archery Association

  • Arizona USAA member Club websites:

    ASU Sun Devil Archery: www.sundevilarchery.org

    Papago FITA Archers: www.papagoarchery.org

  • State:

    ASAA www.azarchery.com

    Arizona JOAD www.azjoad.com

    AAE Arizona Cup  www.arizonacup.com

  • National:

    USA Archery www.usarchery.org

    USA CAP www.uscollegiatearchery.org

    USA JOAD www.usaarcheryjoad.org

  • International:

    FITA www.archery.org or www.archeryworldcup.org

    COPARCO www.coparco.org

  • Affiliates:

    National Field Archery Association  www.fieldarchery.org

    NADA www.worldarcherycenter.org


A rizona s tate a rchery a ssociation16
ArizonaState Archery Association

Thank you

Bob Pian

ASAA President

Contact me at azjoad@cox.net