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Taiwan Special Scenery

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Taiwan Special Scenery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Taiwan Special Scenery. Hello,we are DDT team. Today,we are going to talk a bout Taiwan special scenery Member: Bear , Janna , Joyce , C indy , Amy , Lotus. Taiwan National Park. Taiwan National Park. Yangmingshan National Park . This is Flower Clock.

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taiwan special scenery

Taiwan Special Scenery

Hello,we are DDT team.

Today,we are going to talk

about Taiwan special scenery

Member: Bear , Janna ,Joyce ,

Cindy , Amy , Lotus

taiwan national park1
Taiwan National Park.
  • Yangmingshan National Park.

This is Flower Clock

This is Isoetes taiwanensis.


This is Calla lily

Taiwan Cherry

Only in the spring

taroko national park
Taroko National Park
  • It has a lot of canyon

Want to get close to nature ?Come here.

kinmen national park
Kinmen National Park
  • He has a lot of historical traces

Jhaishan Tunnel


Merciless war is here left a deep historical sites.

shei pa national park
Shei-Pa National Park
  • Animals

Formosan Reeve's muntjac

Swinhoe's Pheasant

Formosan landlocked salmon

yushan national park
Yushan National Park
  • Formosan macaques
  • Formosan black bear




Taiwan fir Taiwan Lily

  • Its landscape

In the spring In the winter

kenting national park
Kenting National Park
  • Eluanbi Lighthouse

Houbihu seaport

passionate Kenting



  • Sailing stone
  • Undersea Gardens ----Reefs


dongsha atoll national park
Dongsha Atoll National Park
  • The latest National Park
  • Underwater World
northern part
Northern part


  • Taipei 101
taiwan west
Taiwan West

Nantou Sky Bridge

  • Sun Moon Lake

Only he was not near the sea in Taiwan

taiwan southern par
Taiwan southern par
  • Pingtung
  • There are movies filmed here.
  • Movie title is Cape No. 7

Hengchun Ancient City

Shi-Hzuwan Bay



The historical site of the first class.

yuntan waterfall
YUNTAN Waterfall

Insects and birds along the brook gurgling sound without a break, very lively.

chiku mounds

Chiku mounds as "urdChangbai"

mud springs
Mud Springs

Spring grayish black There areBlack Spa or Mud Springs of name .

taiwan east
Taiwan East
  • Baxiandong
  • Qixingtan


  • A lot of Daylily
  • Shimizu cliff