interning at the epicenter of everything n.
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Interning at the Epicenter of Everything

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Interning at the Epicenter of Everything - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interning at the Epicenter of Everything.

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If there was a place to be in the summer of 2012, London had to be it. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee followed by the 2012 Summer Olympics focused the world’s attention on the United Kingdom, and right there in the big middle of it all was Alexandra Dieck, a textiles and apparel junior working at

Gomez-Gracia as an intern.


Work came first for Alexandra. She helped Patricia Gomez-Gracia, the luxury brand’s owner, designer, and CFO, launch new collections, prepared fabric choices and swatches for international buyers, and aided in the construction of a one-of-a-kind shift dress.


Alexandra gained real-world experience in the international high-end apparel market and learned how a small luxury brand works from the bottom up, Alexandra had a ring-side seat for this year’s most exciting events.