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A Report on College Tuition PowerPoint Presentation
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A Report on College Tuition

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A Report on College Tuition
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A Report on College Tuition

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  1. A Report on College Tuition By Beau Swenson Professor Nielson

  2. College is Expensive • At many colleges around the country you can find that they are over priced. • Things such as books, activities, parking and other things can be expensive. • For many families it is a big decision on whether or not they can pay for the tuition or not.

  3. Some colleges are Affordable Salt Lake Community College is more adequately affordable than other schools. SLCC is well below the national average for cost f tuition.

  4. Tuition cost at SLCC The average cost at SLCC is 1,700 dollars whereas the national average is 8,000 dollars. SLCC is well below the national average. But there are other things we need to look at when it comes to total cost.

  5. Textbooks Textbooks at most schools are well overpriced. The average cost for books per semester is 561 dollars. The average cost for books at SLCC is 840 dollars.

  6. To give you an Idea • Being college student and paying for it all out of my pocket, I have had semesters where I have not been able to attend school because the prices of textbooks. • The payments would jump from 500 dollars a month to 700 dollars a month and the payment was just too steep.

  7. There are ways to Pay • You can straight out of your own pocket. • You can apply for scholarships and grants. • You can take out a student Loan.

  8. Going to Great Lengths • Even though college may be expensive, students still find a way to pay for it. • They make sacrifices and giving up other things that may be important to them. • This also means you have to work extra hours to make college payments as well as your everyday life payments.

  9. Looking at the Numbers • After looking at some numbers just from the SLCC site and sites of other schools its clear that SLCC is affordable for the community of Utah.

  10. SLCC is Affordable • Despite the books being a little overpriced, the cost for tuition makes up for it. • People from all over can get a degree with this price in my onion, you just have to work hard.

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