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Cardiology Nurse Practitioners List PowerPoint Presentation
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Cardiology Nurse Practitioners List

Cardiology Nurse Practitioners List

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Cardiology Nurse Practitioners List

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  2.  The clinical environment for a cardiac nurse practitioner can vary depending on the employer as well as the type of work the nurse wants to pursue. For instance, some cardiac nurse practitioners may work for a cardiac clinic that has ties with a local hospital, so their work would take them both to the clinical, non-emergency setting as well as to an inpatient wing at a hospital and even potentially ER calls. This diversity of environments can be fulfilling for nurses that prefer a mixture of experiences during a typical week.  Some other possible clinical settings where cardiac nurse practitioners may work include cardiac step-down units (which may be a telemetry unit or an intermediate care unit) or even an outpatient cardiac rehabilitation clinic. 816-286-4114||

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