A community arts strategy for cambourne
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A Community Arts Strategy for Cambourne - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Community Arts Strategy for Cambourne. St art Sharing Art :: Connecting Lives. A network to develop the arts in South Cambridgeshire Based on Village College ethos Five Arts Development Managers working in seven schools. Creating A Cultural Strategy For Cambourne.

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St art sharing art connecting lives
StartSharing Art :: Connecting Lives

  • A network to develop the arts in South Cambridgeshire

  • Based on Village College ethos

  • Five Arts Development Managers working in seven schools

Creating a cultural strategy for cambourne
Creating A Cultural Strategy For Cambourne

  • Based on Town & Country Planning Association’s Culture & Sport Planning Toolkit

  • Arts Council/MLA Standard Charge Approach for Cultural Facilities

The culture and sport planning toolkit
The Culture and Sport PlanningToolkit

  • Leadership and Coordination:

  • Visioning

  • Needs and Provision Assessment

  • Securing successful delivery

  • Monitoring and review

Leaderships coordination
Leaderships & Coordination

Cambourne Cultural Facilities Groups formed

  • Chair of Cambourne Parish Council & Leisure committee Member

  • District councillor

  • South Cambs DC Arts Development Officer

  • Chair Cambourne Arts (residents group)

  • Arts Development Manager Comberton Village College

    Purpose was to look at best value for the S106 funding (related to the 950 homes) for public art


  • Decided not to spend it on ‘more rusty leaves’ but rather on much need arts facilities

  • Looked at extending The Hub Community Centre

  • Looked at working with Cambourne Youth Partnership

  • Finally settled on working with the new secondary school to provide dual use facilities

The need assessment
The Need Assessment

  • Residents surveyed twice over five years

  • Use of Arts Council’s INSIGHT data

  • Use of Arts Council’s Active People Survey

  • County Council demographic data and predictions

  • Audit of existing cultural provision, spaces, equipment, opportunities, clubs & societies

  • Focus group interviews

The need assessment1
The Need Assessment

  • Over 80% of residents when surveyed rated arts facilities in Cambourne as poor

  • All of the community spaces are currently running at near full capacity 95% to 99%

  • Surveys show that 87% of residents take an active part in the arts or regularly attend arts events but most have to travel to access them.

  • Cambourne has twice as many 20 to 40 year olds and twice as many ‘movers’ as a % of population than the rest of the district…and lots and lots more kids!!!

  • Local GP cites higher than average levels of depression & pregnancy

Dual use village college ethos
Dual Use – Village College Ethos

  • Building of the new school presents a fantastic opportunity for a dual use community arts centre

  • Creating community spaces to use for the arts

  • Architects have been thoughtful in the layout by putting the community access areas in the front of the school

Securing successful delivery
Securing Successful Delivery

  • Worked closely with the Parish Council and residents groups

  • Identified the new school as a potential partner

  • Devised the Cultural Strategy & Business Plan in partnership with CPC, the school and SCDC

  • Ensured that all were kept informed and that each partner was involved along the way

Town country planning association s culture and sport planning toolkit
Town & Country Planning Association’s Culture and Sport Planning Toolkit

  • The Standard Charge approach for cultural spaces is designed by the MLA & Arts Council England and allows Dual Use as a solution

  • Determines the amount of space a new community requires for the arts as 45sqm per 1000 residents

  • Population of Cambourne set to rise to 10,500

  • Calculation reveals that Cambourne requires 477sqm of space

Additional capital spend
Additional Capital Spend Planning Toolkit

  • Enhanced infrastructure to make spaces future proof

  • Large Cinema screen brighter projector, surround sound

  • Bigger, better and more flexible lighting grid

  • Bigger more flexible PA

  • Lectern with pre-sets for light and sound

  • Printing facilities in art department

  • More comfortable seating

And if we can get even more money we would spend it on
…and if we can get even more money we would spend it on…

  • Demountable movable raked seating

  • Grand piano

  • Drum kit, more mics, amplifiers etc.

  • Moving lights

  • Winches on lighting bars

  • More visual arts kit

Process for releasing the s106 funding
Process for releasing the S106 Funding on…

  • Completion of A Cultural Strategy for Cambourne written in partnership with Cambourne Facilities Group including local stakeholders, CPC & SCDC

  • Completion of business plan

  • Dual use of new school agreed by Comberton Academy Trust

  • Strategy adopted by Cambourne Parish Council & signed off by SCDC member (portfolio holder)

  • Agreement with developers to release funding according to the proposed timetable

  • Funding released

A community arts strategy for cambourne

Business Plan - Aims and Objectives on…

…Just one single aim

  • To create a sustainable community arts venue for Cambourne

A community arts strategy for cambourne

Get Messy on…

Get Noisy

Get Noticed

A community arts strategy for cambourne

Programming on…

  • To devise a broad based workshop programme which reflects the needs of the community and achieves targets set

  • Vibrant participation programme reflecting whatever the community wants to do

A community arts strategy for cambourne

Programming on…

  • Exciting performance programme with a mix of community and professional work

  • Partnerships with ACT for professional touring theatre & dance, Wysing for visual arts, Arts Picturehouse for cinema and high quality digital content, Custard Comedy and others

Marketing on…

  • To devise a marketing strategy to raise awareness of the venue’s programme and opportunities to participate in activities

  • Extensive use of internet marketing

  • Clear branding

  • Well designed print

A community arts strategy for cambourne

Operations on…

  • To devise a robust, affordable and flexible staffing system, which harnesses the strong volunteering culture in Cambourne and with clear lines of responsibility and communication

A community arts strategy for cambourne

  • Finance, Personnel, Catering, etc.

  • Site Management

  • Arts / Venue Development Manager

  • Event / Bar Manager

Technical Manager

(could be a voluntary role or Creative Apprentice)

Cleaners & contractors


Bar Staff

Volunteer Techs

A community arts strategy for cambourne

Finance on…

Make Money

to Make Art

Make money to make art
Make Money, to Make Art! on…

  • Community, commercial & private hires to bring in earned funding

  • Workshop programme – should make money eventually but will be slow to start

  • Programme of events will reflect community needs and aspirations – should eventually break even but it will take sometime to work

  • Sustainable financially after four years

Monitoring review
Monitoring & Review on…

  • Steering group set up to guide the implementation of the Cultural Strategy and to have overview of the new venue

  • Finance is overseen by both the school’s SLG, board of governors and the Parish Council

  • Six monthly reviews

  • Five year business plan