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An Elluminate Center of Excellence PowerPoint Presentation
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An Elluminate Center of Excellence

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An Elluminate Center of Excellence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Elluminate Center of Excellence. University of Alberta. The University of Alberta is located in Edmonton, Alberta’s capital city. With over one million people Edmonton is dynamic and vibrant and best known as the “Festival City”.

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university of alberta
University of Alberta
  • The University of Alberta is located in Edmonton, Alberta’s capital city.
  • With over one million people Edmonton is dynamic and vibrant and best known as the “Festival City”.
  • Edmontonians have learned to take advantage of both their long, warm summer and cold, crisp winter days.
the university
The University
  • With 37,000 undergraduate students, 4,000 graduate students and 1500 full-time academic staff, the University of Alberta is one of Canada’s prominent research-intensive universities.
  • The university offers over 200 undergraduate programs and 170 graduate programs, including over 60 doctoral programs.
dare to
Dare to…

The vision for the University of Alberta has been articulated by our president Dr. Indira V. Samarasekera in two volumes:

Dare to Discover and Dare to Deliver.

The former provides our vision for the future while the latter delineates how to make that vision a reality.

our cornerstones
Our Cornerstones
  • Talented People
  • Learning, Discovery, and Citizenship
  • Connecting Communities
  • Transformative organization and support
our strategies
Our Strategies
  • Enriching the undergraduate student experience
  • Integrating teaching, research, scholarship and creative activities
  • Fostering interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Northern, aboriginal, rural and international engagement

Our implementations of Elluminate across the disciplines support these strategic initiatives by providing a mechanism through which we can enrich, integrate, and engage our students and faculty as we create collaborative learning environments at the University of Alberta.

The On-Line Program Support Group submits this presentation as our submission to become an Elluminate Center of Excellence.

Elluminate Implementation


OPSG is a grass roots Community of Practice (CoP) started at the university in 2004.

The group is interdisciplinary and consists of Instructional Technology practitioners from Faculties and Schools across campus.

The primary purpose of the group is to provide a forum for interaction and collaboration and the sharing of information and expertise. It’s about connecting people.

Members of OPSG have been instrumental in advancing the use of learning technologies within individual faculties and across the university as a whole.


theory behind practice
Theory Behind Practice

Three key elements in building effective

learning environments:

  • Community building
  • Social Presence
  • Teaching Presence
the sense of community






The sense of community

Integral to developing community is the ability to provide the sense of social and teaching presence. By increasing social and teaching presence and building on-line communities we increase our ability to make authentic connections between and with our learners.

social presence
Social Presence
  • Affective communication
  • Open communication
  • Cohesive communication
teaching presence
Teaching Presence
  • Design and organization
  • Facilitating discourse
  • Direct instruction

Elluminate provides us with an array of tools that facilitate both social and teaching presence. This leads to a greater sense of community within the learning environment and ultimately provides us with a way to make authentic connections with our learners.

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elluminate infrastructure
Elluminate infrastructure
  • Keep more up-to-date with new releases
  • PowerLink to our central WebCT Vista LMS
  • Authentication using campus computing ID
  • Examine upcoming Elluminate Publish! tools to help create portable reusable content, edit recordings, create standalone recordings, podcasts
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overview of elluminate across campus
Overview of Elluminate across Campus
  • Elluminate Live! Licensed campus-wide in August, 2006 (is this correct?)
  • Over 500 Elluminate Live! meetings held during the past year
  • Used in 15 different areas
overview of elluminate across campus1
Overview of Elluminate across Campus

Used by the following areas:

  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Faculty of Education
  • Centre for Health Promotion Studies
  • Health Sciences Council - Interprofessional Initiative (INTD 410)
  • AICT E-Learning Services
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
  • School of Business
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Extension
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Campus Saint-Jean
  • Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Home Economics
  • Augustana Faculty
  • Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine Faculty of Science
overview of elluminate uses
Overview of Elluminate Uses
  • Support Online Learning
    • Online programs and courses
    • Blended Learning
    • Virtual Office Hours
  • Professional Development
  • Guest Speakers in F2F classes
  • Research, Meetings & Collaboration
pd in pharmacy
PD in Pharmacy
  • Description
    • 12 week, professional development course for pharmacists to explore the use of laboratory values in their practice.
    • Two-day workshop
    • Three distance sessions - case study, group discussion (WebCT), Elluminate session
    • Practice-based assignment
  • Benefits of using Elluminate:
    • Fostered connection and interaction
    • Reduced barriers to access and participation
    • Convenient
guest speakers in f2f classes
Guest Speakers in F2F Classes

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research groups
Research Groups
  • Research meetings and collaboration - Nursing, Education
  • Community building - Health Promotion Studies
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to support online learning
To Support Online Learning
  • Example online programs
  • Example blended learning
  • Example of Virtual office hours
  • Example of practicum work
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Students have positive perceptions of courses

  • Technology did not “get in the way” - easy, fast, cost effective, classroom without walls
  • Improvement over other forms of teleconferencing and collaboration
  • Increased engagement, understanding and confidence
  • Effects of distance reduced greatly
  • Initial apprehension about technology has been overcome through ease of use
  • Students initiating meetings

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future plans
Future Plans

Admission and recruitment

  • Reach out to the best and the brightest

Enrich the Undergraduate experience

  • Increased flexibility
  • Provide access to more experts

Enrich the Graduate experience

  • Greater range of research opportunities
  • Greater ability to collaborate

Achieving out Academic Plan

  • Engage local, regional and international communities



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