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Sci-Fi Book Clubs + Research

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Sci-Fi Book Clubs + Research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sci-Fi Book Clubs + Research. Yeah. This is going to be sweet. The basics. You will pick one of 5 novels + the corresponding research topic. You need to choose your novel and get it approved! Max of 7 people per book! Then get the book ASAP!

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sci fi book clubs research

Sci-Fi Book Clubs + Research

Yeah. This is going to be sweet.

the basics
The basics.
  • You will pick one of 5 novels + the corresponding research topic.
  • You need to choose your novel and get it approved!
  • Max of 7 people per book!
  • Then get the book ASAP!
  • You will have 7 quizzes on the book + an interview with me about the book.
  • You will also read + annotate 4 research articles
  • You will watch a movie.
  • Your group will make a presentation to the rest of us.
this will be fun don t worry
This will be fun! Don’t worry!
  • Yes, you have to read a book.
  • But it will be a good book!
  • Yes, you have to do research.
  • But you don’t have to write a paper! You’ll work with the other people who read that book to make a fun presentation for the class!
  • Yes, you have to watch a movie.
  • But you get to watch a cool movie for points!
important note
Important Note!
  • The shorter books are probably the most difficult to follow (but they are really cool if you enjoy great sci-fi)!
  • The “easiest” books (in terms of reading comprehension issues) are the ones of “medium length.”
the time traveler s wife researching time travel
The Time Traveler’s Wife + Researching Time Travel
  • What if, for some reason, you couldn’t control when you were in time?
  • Henry has a genetic disorder: he gets “unstuck” in time and randomly disappears/shows up in a different time and place.
  • Naked.
  • With no idea how long he’ll be there (wherever there happens to be).
  • What if you fell in love with someone who had this “condition?”
  • NOTE: This is a Science Fiction ROMANCE!
  • Although this is a great book that I imagine many of you would like, I’m uncomfortable assigning it due to its adult nature (the sex scenes are very graphic).
  • I will need a signed parent permission slip from everyone who wants to read it.
  • The permission slip is necessary to avoid a potential complaint from a parent (I really don’t want to deal with this).
  • PS: No, I will not be quizzing you on the sex scenes. In fact, I’d feel better if you just “skipped” them. Honestly.
  • Also, this is the longest book of the bunch. If you’re going to read it, you might want to start early!
the research time travel
The Research: Time Travel

Theories about how time travel might work/be possible.

Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Wormholes (and their relation to time travel).

Theories about what would happen if someone went back in time and changed something/if past events can be changed.

Parallel worlds/universes + String Theory.

watch a time travel film
Watch a Time Travel Film:

Back to the Future

The Time Machine

Hot Tub Time Machine


Terminator 2: Judgment Day


12 Monkeys

The Source Code

Quantum Leap (TV show) = watch any 2 episodes

Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home

Star Trek: First Contact

brave new world research predictions about the future future technology etc
Brave New World + Research predictions about the future, future technology, etc.
  • The future is an odd place.
  • People are not born: they are grown. They are “conditioned” to be either a leader, worker, etc.
  • Their ways are not our ways—drugs and random sex are the norm. It is considered strange not to sleep with a lot of people or take a lot of drugs.
  • Bernard goes to a reservation that is a “natural state.” He brings a “native” into the future society.
  • The various reactions are telling of human nature, our society, etc.
  • NOTE: This book is kind of short, so you will finish early and do some other supplemental work.
the research the future
The Research: The future

What new technology do scientists believe will exist in 20 years, 50 years, 100 years? Why do they think so?

How could these future inventions affect us/our society/the world?

Current “scientific doomsday” scenarios (how the world might end)

Theories about how technology can “hurt” us.

Theories about how current politics, environmental issues, or crises might change the world we live in.

How society may change in the future, who says so, and why.

watch a future or dystopia film
Watch a future or dystopia film:


Children of Men


V for Vendetta

Minority Report


The Fifth Element

Star Trek (any 2 TV episodes)

the demolished man a graphic novel researching super powers
The Demolished Man & a graphic novel + Researching Super Powers.
  • Telepaths exist. In order to keep society working and normals happy, telepaths “police” themselves by making sure that no telepath reads people’s minds without their permission.
  • BUT, if a telepath happens to “over hear” a murder plot, the telepath must inform the police and help prevent the murder.
  • But what if you want to get away with murder? How can you do it in a society where people can read your every thought?
  • What if the police detective assigned to the case is a telepath?
  • This is an Action Sci-Fi story in which you almost want the bad guy to win and kill somebody.
  • NOTE: We have copies of this book because it is currently out of print!
  • NOTE # 2: This book is kind of short, so you will finish early and do some other supplemental work.
graphic novel
Graphic Novel
  • Since this novel is a bit shorter than the others, you must ALSO read an approved graphic novel that has something to do with the research topic: Super Powers.
  • This does NOT have to be a super-hero graphic novel.
  • I can make suggestions based on your own interests.
research super powers abilities
Research: Super Powers/abilities

The possibility of super human powers, enhanced senses, incredible abilities, etc.

  • ESP
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Precognition
  • Amazing feats of strength, agility, etc.

Experimentation on people to create a “master race” or anything else.

watch a human potential super power film
Watch a “Human Potential/Super-Power” film

Minority Report


V for Vendetta


The Incredible Hulk (2008)




Captain America

Alphas (any 2 TV episodes)

Heroes (any 2 TV episodes)

jurassic park researching genetic engineering
Jurassic Park+ Researching Genetic Engineering.
  • Scientists and Entertainers team-up to clone dinosaurs for a zoo. What could possibly go wrong?
  • This is a griping, very tense, sometimes gory, action science fiction novel. Not for the squeamish.
  • This is a great novel and great example of how science experiments can go too far, causing a lot of harm.
  • NOTE: The book differs significantly from the film.
research genetic engineering cloning
Research: Genetic Engineering & Cloning.

What have we successfully cloned? How was this done?

What can we do (or hope to do) by way of genetic engineering? What benefits are there/might there be in our lifetimes?

Why is human cloning illegal?

What ethical and/or religious issues are connected to this topic?

watch a film about genetic engineering cloning or altering dna
Watch a film about genetic engineering/cloning OR altering DNA


Jurassic Park (any movie)

Serenity (Firefly TV show movie)

Frankenstein (any version)

The Island

The 6th Day


Captain America

Incredible Hulk

V for Vendetta

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

BattlestarGalactica (2 TV episodes)

ender s game researching space travel aliens etc
Ender’s Game+ Researching space travel, aliens, etc.
  • In order to stop an alien invasion, Earth trains children to be ruthless killers and excellent soldiers.
  • Ender, the most promising, is supposed to lead Earth’s forces against the alien fleet.
  • But for Ender to reach his full potential, he must suffer and overcome impossible odds.
  • This book is awesome!
  • How far should we go to save our world? Is abusing children ever justified?
research space travel life on other worlds aliens ufos etc
Research: Space Travel, life on other worlds, aliens, UFOs, etc.
  • Current theories about how manned interstellar space travel might work, problems to overcome, etc.
  • What scientists think about life on other worlds.
  • What scientists think about intelligent life on other worlds.
  • SETI
  • UFO sightings + alien abduction stories.
watch an alien space travel film
Watch an alien/space travel film

Men in Black


Superman (1978)

Alien (or sequels)



2001: A Space Odyssey

Star Trek (NOT the one we saw in class)


Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind

I am Number 4

Green Lantern

Independence Day