creating a video with scientific substance n.
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Creating A Video With Scientific Substance PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating A Video With Scientific Substance

Creating A Video With Scientific Substance

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Creating A Video With Scientific Substance

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  1. Creating A Video With Scientific Substance

  2. What is Good About YouTube?(et al) Video Audience Video Creator • Likes the organic feel • Looking for good information • Likes quick delivery • Forgiving of flaws • Relatively inexpensive for creator • Genuine • Sharing expertise and knowledge • Not limited to “the pros” JM, CB for #scio11

  3. What is Bad about YouTube?(et al) Video Audience Video Creator • SHORT attention span • Trolling, flamewars, and other rude behaviors • Input may be as inadequate as the video (lack of knowledge) • Breaks common rules of videography • Poor sound • Out of focus, wrong framing • Poor editing • Bad lighting • Rambling, mumbling JM, CB for #scio11

  4. Video Making is a Multifactorial Event • All issues must be addressed almost simultaneously • Know what you want to say • Be dressed and made up properly • Have all props and set ready to go • Set lighting • Check sound • Know how to operate camera JM, CB for #scio11

  5. Why Did the Toad Cross the Road? JM, CB for #scio11

  6. Conceptualize It • Check out other videos in your field • Think about content and angle • Tell a story with a clear beginning, middle and end • Write a great SCRIPT • Watch for wordiness • Be succinct JM, CB for #scio11

  7. Make Your Video Visually Interesting Multiple angles via multiple cameras filming simultaneously (expensive) Or…Shoot sections of script multiple times Create an A and B roll Insert still photos or graphs to demonstrate concepts JM, CB for #scio11

  8. Why did the toad cross the road? Carin Video 1a: (Carin full shot) Why did the toad cross the road? Carin Video 1b:(Carin closeup) To get to the other side! Carin Video 2a:(TEXT on screen: Carin Bondar, PhD) (Carin on bench) Amphibians such as frogs, toads, and salamanders live on land as adults, but breed and live as juveniles in the water. If those two habitats happen to be segregated by a double-lane roadway, what else are they going to do? Carin Video 2b: (Carin on bench – alt angle) Habitat destruction is one of the biggest threats to amphibian populations in Western North America. B Roll Video of Lake:(Carin narrating) Those inhabiting the Chilliwack River Valley of British Columbia haven’t lost either their aquatic breeding grounds B Roll Video of Forest: (Carin narrating) or their adult habitat in the forest. Carin Video 3: (Carin in the middle of the road): However, humans have placed a road-block – quite literally-in the way of their successful reproduction. B Roll video 1: Footage of the toads crossing.(Carin narrating) In what looks like a massive real-life game of frogger, tens of thousands of red-legged frogs, western toads, pacific tree frogs and NW salamanders cross the road during a week-long mass-migration from their aquatic breeding grounds to their terrestrial habitat, and the results aren’t pretty. Crossings generally take place after sunset, when motorists have a difficult time seeing them clearly.The carnage is having drastic effects on the entire amphibian population in this area, and many others like it all over North America. JM, CB for #scio11

  9. Planning Your Video JM, CB for #scio11

  10. Need Help? Use the Internet! JM, CB for #scio11

  11. Can People Find Your Video? Create a title with search engines in mind Use keyword tools (e.g. Google adwords) Include a short text description so search engines will pick it up Make it embeddable JM, CB for #scio11

  12. Supplies to Begin Camcorder Microphone $20-$200 + This one highly recommended About $150 $500-$1500 Make sure it has a mic port! Yes, webcam and flipcam can be used but there will be less flexibility in Image adjustment and sound recording options. JM, CB for #scio11

  13. More Supplies to Begin Tripod Soft Light Lowell, CowboyStudio JM, CB for #scio11

  14. Framing and Aiming Rule of Thirds Say “No” to Webcam Face JM, CB for #scio11

  15. Lighting Lighting Notes Three Point Lighting • Natural light is ideal • Don’t mix natural and fluorescent lighting (link to a vid filmed w/mix-strange color) • Overhead fluorescent will cast shadows, balance with a soft light shone on subject • LED lights are bright and cool • Post production by SATURATING and adjusting brightness and contrast JM, CB for #scio11

  16. Does this make me look good? Clothing • Solid jewel tones or pastels • Royal Blue and Turquoise universally flattering • Gold and Olive hard on viewer’s eyes. • Navy blue and black will lose all detail • Avoid white—lab coat? • Small prints can cause moire effect-AVOID • Satin reflects and can make you look larger JM, CB for #scio11

  17. Does this make me look good? Make-up Accessories • Men--If you don’t know how to apply make-up—don’t! • Powder is good idea • Women--Aim for about 10-20% more make-up than usual • Watches that beep or vibrate can be distracting • Avoid too large, distracting jewelry pieces • Shiny jewelry might catch light and glare • Watch for glasses glare • Keep look clean! JM, CB for #scio11

  18. Ready to Capture? On Set Run a test • Pager and cell phones turned off • Have comb, make-up, and mirror • Don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep before the shoot • Run through script • Have all props nearby • Wardrobe Check • Check lighting/balance • Check sound • Run a test • Turn on the charm and smile! JM, CB for #scio11

  19. Editing AVID (PC) Final Cut (Mac) Adobe Creative Suite Inquire about educational discounts Example of un-rendered video, first vid with new software JM, CB for #scio11

  20. Intro and Outro Intro Outro • 10-30 seconds long • Music that you paid for or is freely available • Acknowledgments JM, CB for #scio11