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Residential Landscaping Norwalk CT, Lawn Maintenance

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Residential Landscaping Norwalk CT, Lawn Maintenance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Macias Brothers Landscaping LLC is excellent leading company for Lawn Maintenance, Residential Landscaping in Norwalk CT area

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Residential Landscaping Norwalk CT, Lawn Maintenance

Macias Brothers Landscaping LLC is excellent

leading company for Lawn Maintenance, Residential Landscaping in Norwalk CT area


Landscaping Norwalk CT, Lawn Maintenance, Residential Landscaping

Welcome to Macias Brothers Landscaping LLC!

The exterior of your property says a lot about your personality! Weeds, dull grass, and brown shrubbery can leave your lawn and backyard looking lifeless. And landscaping challenges like uneven turf can make enjoying your surroundings more difficult. If you're looking to make the most of your outdoor space, turn to Macias Brothers Landscaping LLC. As a premier landscape design company, our goal is to transform your property's exterior and help you enjoy it to the fullest.

A Solid Investment

And let's fact it, nothing adds to a property's overall value like curb appeal. At Macias Brothers Landscaping LLC, we can help you set your home or business apart from the competition. When you engage our landscape design company for your project, we'll take the time to evaluate your property and discuss your physical and aesthetic goals for it. From there, we'll work with you to develop a master plan for beautifying your outdoor space and improving or maintaining its functionality.

It's time to make an investment in YOUR property.

Call us today for a free consultation at 203-673-7447!

specialize in:

Landscaping Design and Plantings Landscape Maintenance work with only the highest quality materials and experienced professionals. We have consistently focused on the needs of our customers, providing personalized attention and a stress-free experience


Macias Brother Landscaping LLC is a locally owned and operated business. We believe in customer satisfaction and quality work.

Macias Brothers Landscaping LLC is a dependable, professional and honest landscaping service. Our team has an eye for what looks good and the skill to execute that vision.

We started in this industry in 2006.

We are a full service landscape, design, installation and maintenance company. We get to know customer's likes and dislikes are then work together to create landscape design for that individual.

Landscape Design

Specializing in landscape design, we have the skill-set and expertise to execute every job to your complete satisfaction, and we won't settle for anything less. We have worked on a wide range of projects, and our goal is to provide complete customer satisfaction on every job we take.

With an arsenal of state-of-the-art landscaping equipment and an expert team committed to creating immaculate landscapes, we are the one-stop resource for all your landscaping needs.


General Landscaping Services

Fertilization and Weed Control

Lawn Mowing

Shrub and Bush Trimming

Landscape Maintenance


General Landscaping Services

Fertilization and Weed Control

We spot treat your beds, walkways and driveways to prevent weeds from taking over and becoming detrimental to your landscape. To promote a strong healthy lawn and prevent weed growth, we consult with our clients to make sure we understand their needs to maintain our high level or service.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing services to keep your lawn looking great all season long.

Shrub and Bush Trimming

Mowing the yard is only half the challenge. Bushes and trees that are not consistently maintained hurt the appearance of even the best-kept property. We scuplt your bushes and shrubs to maintain shape and add to the beauty of the client's landscape and home.

Landscape Maintenance

We are good at creating landscape designs that require minimal maintenance. However, your investment and beautiful landscape can quickly disappear if not consistently maintained. Macias Brothers Landscaping LLC can help.


When you think of landscaping, it is not just plants, grass and trees, it is much more than that! It is creating a beautiful, relaxing and inviting outdoor environment for your home or business, but not just with plants.


Compliment your hardscape and plant design with landscape lighting installation. Let our knowledgeable team design and install low voltage lighting for your unique landscape. We highlight the features that make your yard stand out in the night and create a beautiful setting that will definitely inspire!

Water Features

You won't believe the beauty and tranquility that a professionally designed and installed water feature landscapes can have. It's like creating a small nature preserve in your yard. Water features offer perhaps some of the most unique and inspiring design options for your home landscaping projects.

Along with our stunning hardscape installs we can accompany any landscape design with elegant and serene water features. Macias Brothers Landscaping LLC can add that little something extra to your front or backyard landscape design at the right price for your budget.


215 Ely Avenue Norwalk, CT 06854