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Robert Rowthorn Economics Faculty Cambridge University

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Robert Rowthorn Economics Faculty Cambridge University - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Robert Rowthorn Economics Faculty Cambridge University. Recent Work . Rowthorn, “ The Evolution of Altruism between Siblings ” (Journal of Theoretical Biology 2006) – Population Genetics

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recent work
Recent Work
  • Rowthorn, “The Evolution of Altruism between Siblings” (Journal of Theoretical Biology 2006) – Population Genetics
  • Guzman, Rodriguez and Rowthorn, “When in Rome do as the Romans Do: The Co-evolution of Altruistic Punishment, Conformist Learning and Cooperation “ (Evoluton and Human Behavior 2007) – Evolution of Learning Rules, Simulation
  • Rowthorn and Sethi, “Procedural Rationality and Equilibrium Trust” (forthcoming Economic Journal) – Mathematical Learning Models
group size hierarchy
Group Size & Hierarchy
  • In our E&HB paper, group size was exogenous.
  • Our aim is to make group size endogenous.
  • We are currently examining the relationship between technology, group size and hierarchy.
  • There is a big anthropological literature, but little formal modelling. We are reading the literature and have begun the modelling.
forms of social interaction
Forms of Social Interaction
  • In our E&HB paper we considered the interaction between learning strategies (conformism and profit-seeking) and social behaviour (cooperation, punishment, defect).
  • We propose to examine other issues, for example, coordination or distribution problems.
migration and assimilation
Migration and Assimilation
  • The benefits of cultural diversity may be offset by communication difficulties and parochial loyalties.
  • Groups may gain competitive advantage if they limit diversity by restricting immigration or promoting assimilation.
  • The evolution of such social mechanisms may have genetic counterparts in the form of a high propensity to conform or a high propensity towards xenophobia.
  • In our E&HB paper we considered some of these issues. We intend to continue this line of inquiry.
  • Group Size and Hierarchy – Underway
  • Alternative Forms Social Interaction – Future
  • Migration and Assimilation - Future