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Music of African Cultures

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Music of African Cultures - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Music of African Cultures. Eastern Africa. Tarabu - Swahili music Mix of Arabic, Indian, and African. Used in wedding and public events Instruments Indian and African drums Oud -Arab influenced lute. . Musical Example. http://

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eastern africa
Eastern Africa
  • Tarabu- Swahili music
  • Mix of Arabic, Indian, and African.
  • Used in wedding and public events
  • Instruments
    • Indian and African drums
    • Oud-Arab influenced lute.
musical example
Musical Example
  • HijaziBashraf (Swahili)This typical Swahili melody has strong Indian influences. It is played with an oud, or Arab guitar, three violins, a mandolin, a kayambaflat grass rattle, an earthenware drum, a tambourine and a damba, an Arab-style drum made from clay and a goatskin membrane.
southern africa
Southern Africa
  • Influenced by Zulu and Xhosa people.
  • Strong traditions of singing
    • Celebrations
    • Pass time
    • Call and response
  • Instruments
    • Ugubhu-single string gourd bow.
    • Thumb piano
musical example1
Musical Example
  • Masalela(Xhosa)This fighting song is performed by a group of teen-age Xhosa boys as part of a martial arts tradition. The youngsters use sticks to fight each other, singing songs, like this one to raise their spirits. Masalela in Xhosa means "cowards." The boys sing: "Punch them for me, the cowards!" And, "that's cowards' business. They can just go away, the cowards".
central africa
Central Africa
  • Rainforest music of the Baka and Mbuti
  • Ceremonial and communication
  • Heavy use of a capella singing
  • Intruments
    • Water drums-cupped hands on water wake up rainforest
    • Thumb piano
musical example2
Musical Example
  • Water Drumming
western africa
Western Africa
  • Dogon tribe
  • Used for ceremonies, especially ushering the dead into the Spirit world.
  • Elaborate costumes and masks are used.
  • Heavy use of drums for communication
  • Instruments:
    • Gourd rattle
    • Talking drum
    • Wooden flute