Assessing employee competencies information technology
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Assessing Employee Competencies Information Technology. Who does the assessment?. Supervisor/manager conducts an assessment of each employee. These rollover assessments are reviewed by management and by HR. What is a Competency Assessment?.

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Assessing employee competencies information technology

Assessing Employee CompetenciesInformation Technology

Who does the assessment
Who does the assessment?

  • Supervisor/manager conducts an assessment of each employee.

  • These rollover assessments are reviewed by management and by HR.

What is a competency assessment
What is a Competency Assessment?

  • Assessment of each competency demonstrated by an employee for a particular job

  • Summary of how the employee has demonstrated those competencies over a period of time


  • Review competency profile

  • Review documentation

  • Paste in the Description of Work

  • Write summary statements

  • Level the employee

  • Discuss w/employee

Review documentation on past current use of competencies
Review documentation on past/current use of competencies

  • Workplan

  • Project summaries

  • STARs

  • Progress notes

  • Employee input

Write 2 3 concise statements that document employee s level
Write 2-3 concise statements that document employee’s level

  • Not a task list

  • Record specific information

  • Substantiate level over time; not one-time event

  • Sets benchmark for future assessments



-Meets with coworkers individually and in groups daily to resolve issues or problems.

-Proactively anticipates questions clients will ask prior to meeting with clients.

-Keeps running list of client questions and responses.

-Puts technical jargon in language client can understand.

-Checks with client to ensure technical language is understood.

-Checks with client to see if solutions meet client’s needs.

-Evaluates/documents client’s needs and takes these back to team to resolve or to clarify client needs.

-Clarifies areas where automation may be cost/time prohibitive.

-Works with local IRM to determine how solution will impact facility employees or clients.

-Offers to provide technical assistance to coworkers in areas of technical mastery.

Customer service
Customer service level

  • Dot is very customer oriented. She is very friendly and does a good job.

Writing the documentation
Writing the Documentation level

Project Management

Providing oversight for a formal project that establishes a set of tasks and activities associated with an intended outcome and timeline.

Level each competency
Level each competency level

  • Compare data against C/J/A.

  • Where does employee currently fit?

  • Realistic assessment.

Overall leveling
Overall Leveling level

  • For each competency –

    • Employee demonstrates the majority of key actions in the Journey level for the competency Communication and is leveled at the Journey level.

    • Individuals have some key actions at the Advanced level; they consult with their supervisor to determine if they can move to the Advanced level.

  • For the overall level -

    • An individual demonstrates the majority of competencies at the Journey level for that job class/job description; s/he is leveled at the Journey for the position.

    • Some competencies are documented at the Contributing level; the employee concentrates on developing the remaining key actions to move to the Journey level.

Activity level

Individually level Dot Matrix against the competency profile for the Business and Technology Analyst and determine the employee’s level.

Discuss with employee
Discuss with employee level

  • Get employee buy-in.

  • Be flexible.

  • Fill in data gaps.

Finalizing the assessment form
Finalizing the Assessment Form level

  • Supervisory comments cover any other documentation or comments not already covered

    • Include any objectives, expectations, problems, and/or deficiencies not captured under each competency

  • Check overall competency level

  • The document is signed by the employee, supervisor and manager/director

  • The original is maintained in the HR personnel file

  • A copy is kept by the supervisor and the employee

Next steps
Next Steps level

  • All assessments will be reviewed by management and HR

  • Salaries will be reviewed against market data at roll over

  • Follow-up training