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Holy Quran

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Holy Quran

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  1. Holy Quran Selected Quotes For the month of Ramadan

  2. Heart Remember your Lord in your heart, humbly and with awe and without utterance, at dawn and at dark and be not amongst the neglectful. Holy Quran Sura 7, Ayat 205

  3. The Noble Qur’an The Noble Qur’an extends its principle of pluralism also to adherents of other faiths. It affirms that each has a direction and path to which they turn so that all should strive for good works, in the belief that, wheresoever they may be, Allah will bring them together. His Highness the Aga KhanThe Ismaili Centre, LondonOctober 19, 2003

  4. Awaken your Heart Awaken your heart with reflection Hazrat Imam Ali

  5. Qur’an-e-Sharif This programme is also an opportunity for achieving insights into how the discourse of the Qur’an-e-Sharif, rich in parable and allegory, metaphor and symbol, has been an inexhaustible well-spring of inspiration, lending itself to a wide spectrum of interpretations. His Highness the Aga KhanThe Ismaili Centre, LondonOctober 19, 2003

  6. Worship An hour’s reflection is worth more than seventy years of worship Prophet Muhammad

  7. Remember your Lord Remember the name of your Lord In the morning and in the evening Holy Quran Sura 76, Ayat 25

  8. Quranic Challenge Does not the Qur’an challenge the artist, as much as the mystic, to go beyond the physical - the outward - so as to seek to unveil that which lies at the centre but gives life to the periphery? His Highness the Aga KhanThe Ismaili Centre, LondonOctober 19, 2003

  9. Success Remember God over and over; thus you may be successful Holy Quran Sura 62, Ayat 10

  10. Prayer Verily, prayer restrains one from evil, and certainly the remembrance of God is greatest Holy Quran Sura 29, Ayat 45

  11. Exaltation Remember your Lord over and over; exalt Him at daybreak and in the dark of the night. Holy Quran Sura 3, Ayat 40

  12. Remembrance Remember your Lord’s name and devote yourself to him wholeheartedly Holy Quran Sura 73 Ayat 8

  13. Praise And so praise God during the night and day that you may find Peace Holy Quran Surah 20, Ayat 130

  14. Reflection There are those who remember God standing and sitting and reclining, and who reflect upon the creation of heaven and earth Holy Quran Sura 3, Ayat 190

  15. Face of God Wherever you turn, You find the face of God Holy Quran Sura 2, Ayat 115

  16. Prostration And in the dark of the night prostrate yourself in submission to Him, and praise Him throughout the long night Holy Quran Surah 76, Ayat26

  17. Zikr When you are not in Prayer, remember God standing and sitting and lying down Holy Quran Surah 4, Ayat103

  18. Quranic Inspiration Many other verses of the Qur’an have similarly inspired calligraphy in all its forms, reminding us of the richness and vitality of Muslim traditions in the Arts. His Highness the Aga KhanThe Ismaili Centre, LondonOctober 19, 2003

  19. Hearts at Rest The hearts of those who believe are set at rest by God’s remembrance; indeed, by God’s remembrance only are hearts set at rest. Holy Quran Sura 13, Ayat 28

  20. Research & Artwork Research by: Moez Murji Artwork by: Zaitoon Murji