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The Future of Marketing

The Future of Marketing

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The Future of Marketing

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  1. A Short Story The Future of Marketing Click Here to Get Your FREE 93 Page eBook Today!

  2. A Tale of Two Friends This story is about John and David.

  3. They lived in a little village and both loved books. Each owned a small book stall and sold books.

  4. David’s books were double the price of John’s yet, every day he would come home having made three times the sales John had.

  5. John had a pleasant book stall, brightly colored, that displayed all his book titles and all over the stall were signs advertising his sales.

  6. He had the word SALE plastered all over the stall and he would stand outside his stall and shout to everyone, “Come buy my books, half price today! Learn about the wonders of the world with my beautiful books.”

  7. John also had leaflets on the village board advertising his books and a small ad in the local village newsletter.

  8. David’s stall was just as colorful, but he did not have any sale signs. David had his books displayed on shelves open for viewing and in front of the stall.

  9. David also has a small coffee maker with tables and chairs for people to sit in. When he was not busy, he was sitting in this area reading one of his books.

  10. David had leaflets on the local board and in the newspaper too, but they advertised his reading sessions. The ads invited people to come along for coffee and a story.

  11. Everyone loved David, he was so giving of his time and lead them into adventures with his stories.

  12. So fascinated were the crowds by David’s stories, they came back time and again. They bought many books to continue their adventures. They even invited their friends and family to join them.

  13. The Moral Of The Story David attracted people by giving them great value before asking for a sale. John with his “sales” and advertising approach got lost in the crowd and mostly ignored. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUR BUSINESS!

  14. The future of marketing is friendly and warm. Marketing’s future is about attracting people with your stories and valuable content. This is why Social Media platforms such as, Google +, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest and Facebook are so important. Are you going to move into the future or get lost in the past?

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