rare decays with otpc n.
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Rare decays with OTPC

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Rare decays with OTPC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rare decays with OTPC. Marek Pf ü tzner University of Warsaw. 2p emission from 48 Ni 10 atoms, T 1/2 = 2 ms. HIE-ISOLDE Physics Coordination Group , September 3, 2012. Probing the halo of 6 He.  6 He has a very weak decay branch to a + d. The spectrum of a + d. Raabe. Anthony.

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rare decays with otpc
Rare decays with OTPC

Marek Pfützner

University of Warsaw

2p emission from 48Ni

10 atoms, T1/2 = 2 ms

HIE-ISOLDE Physics Coordination Group, September 3, 2012

probing the halo of 6 he
Probing the halo of 6He

6He has a very weak decay branch to a + d

the spectrum of a d
The spectrum of a + d




R. Raabe et al., Phys. Rev. C80 (2009) 054307

Due to b-background, it was not possible to determine the spectrum below ECM  400 keV!

otpc detection scheme
OTPC detection scheme



gas at atmospheric pressure

incoming bunch of 6He ions



HV electrodes



gating electrode

charge amplification zone GEM foils





on line images
On-line images

6He ions

beta decaysduring 650 ms after implantation

a different case 8 he
A different case – 8He

S. Mianowski et al., Acta Phys, Pol. B41 (2010) 449

decay of 14 be
Decay of 14Be

H. Jeppsen et al.Nucl. Phys A709 (2002) 119

Beta delayed d, a, t possible. Only 4 tritons seen.

otpc @ hie isolde
OTPC @ HIE-Isolde


The detector

  • OTPC records tracks of charged particles in 3D
  • Ideal instrument for very rare decay modes
  • Needs 1 m2 od space (plus a rack od electronics nearby)
  • Simple and independent acquisition system (but large data volume)

Advantages of HIE-Isolde

  • Energy sufficient for implantation of any ion
  • Small energy straggling, efficient implantation in a thin gas volume
  • Bunching makes search for rare particle channels easier

Possible future applicationprobing the halo structure by b-delayed particle decays in 8He, 11Li, 14Be