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Extracurricular Activities at Harvard PowerPoint Presentation
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Extracurricular Activities at Harvard

Extracurricular Activities at Harvard

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Extracurricular Activities at Harvard

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  1. Extracurricular Activities at Harvard

  2. There are many different extracurricular activities at Harvard - you can choose from a diverse range. • Non-academic activities can relieve stress from academic life, and provide valuable lessons not found in the classroom. • Blessing & Curse—you all can do literally anything, but its almost impossible to do so due to time restrictions. • Must make choices! Ana

  3. Wide range: • Academic (research assistant) • Athletics (Varsity sports, JV, IMs, etc.) • Business (WIB, IBC, Investment/Consulting mags) • Community Service (PBHA) • Cultural Groups (SAA, HASA, SAS, AAA, etc.) • International Relations (IRC, MUNs, HCAP, etc.) • Journalism (Crimson, Lampoon, Independent etc..) • “ comps” • Performing Arts (dance, a cappella, choir, theatre, etc.) • Political (IOP, Dems/HRC, etc.) • Social Groups (fraternities/sororities, final clubs, etc.) • Woodbridge, of course =) Betsy

  4. Athletics • Will’s presentation

  5. Clearly many of these categories will interest you and in each category different organizations may also draw your attention. However, one must pick and choose about 2-3 activities so as to also manage school and friends at the same time. • Time management • What other commitments do you have? • A social life? ECs can contribute! • But don’t commit too much right away • Learn how to say NO Will

  6. How does one choose? • Go to the Freshman Activities Fair, give groups your email, and ask questions! • Websites • Read their materials, talk to past members • Don’t follow the crowd or do things “just because”. • What do you WANT to spend you time doing vs. What do you think you SHOULD be doing? • New challenges are good – don’t necessarily just do all of your high school activities all over again. Ana

  7. Do something different! High School ECs -Features writer for school newspaper -Co-founder of oriental studies society -Flautist in school orchestra -Participant in Greenhouse Project (helping under privileged local children) • Harvard ECs • -Part of ‘Becky’ on Ivory Tower Soap Opera • Perpetual Comper on the Crimson • -Member of Woodbridge Society/FIP leader • -Flute 1 in Harvard University Flute Ensemble • -Harvard University Peace Initiative: Secretary Betsy

  8. Upperclassmen: Fountains of Knowledge • ECs are a great way to meet and befriend upperclassmen • Break the ice by talking to upperclassmen about the activities they did in their freshman year or are doing now. They were once in your position! • They are an invaluable source of information: ask them how things went, what they liked and didn’t etc. Short of an inquisition, extract as much seasoned knowledge from them as you can. • You can also talk to proctors and other freshmen to see what is going on. Betsy

  9. Some last thoughts: • Flexibility • Leadership roles (eventually) • Being overwhelmed – we have ALL been there! Ana