Mpls over l2tpv3 encapsulation
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MPLS over L2TPv3 Encapsulation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MPLS over L2TPv3 Encapsulation. IETF 61. L2TPv3 – Multiservice Tunneling. L2TPv3 Encapsulation defined in RFC 3931 (draft-ietf-l2tpext-l2tp-base-14.txt) MPLS over L2TPv3 encapsulation defined in draft-townsley-l2tpv3-mpls-02.txt. L2TPv3 Encapsulation.

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L2TPv3 – Multiservice Tunneling

  • L2TPv3 Encapsulation defined in RFC 3931 (draft-ietf-l2tpext-l2tp-base-14.txt)

  • MPLS over L2TPv3 encapsulation defined in draft-townsley-l2tpv3-mpls-02.txt

L2tpv3 encapsulation
L2TPv3 Encapsulation

  • Session ID and Cookie (if present) may be signaled, or manually configured.

  • Session ID is used during decapsulation to identify service or session context for L2TPv3.

  • Before processing the L2TPv3 payload, the Cookie returned via the Session ID context lookup and the Cookie in the received packet header are compared to ensure they match.

MPLS over L2TPv3

Tunnel IP



Stack + PDU

Alignment with other mpls tunneling methods
Alignment with other MPLS tunneling methods

  • Draft-ietf-mpls-in-gre-or-ip-08.txt defines:

    • MPLS over IP

    • MPLS over GRE with “full” header

    • MPLS over GRE with “simplified” header

    • MPLS over IP with IPsec transport mode

    • MPLS over GRE with IPsec transport mode

  • There are a number of common issues when encapsulating MPLS over IP, GRE or L2TPv3 which should continue to be defined in a single location.

  • Mpls over l2tpv3 specification
    MPLS over L2TPv3 Specification

    • Any specification defining the MPLS over L2TPv3 encapsulation should include an applicability section similar to that for MPLS over IP vs. MPLS over GRE vs. MPLS over IPsec. For example,

      • Two routers may already be “adjacent” over an L2TPv3 tunnel for other services outside of MPLS-based services

      • Implementation considerations may dictate the use of MPLS over L2TPv3. For example, a hardware device might be better equipped to handle L2TPv3, utilize the L2TPv3 Session ID to aid in distributed processing of different services, etc.

      • L2TPv3 Cookie allows a decapsulating PE to perform a context lookup validation based on the L2TPv3 session or service

    Next steps
    Next Steps?

    • Add L2TPv3 to the list of methods for tunneling MPLS traffic

    • Create a short and concise (5 pages or less!) MPLS over L2TPv3 WG draft with an appropriate applicability statement and reference to draft-ietf-mpls-in-gre-or-ip-08.txt for common IP encapsulation issues

    • draft-townsley-l2tpv3-mpls-02.txt could be a start.