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10+ Reasons to use BUS advertising PowerPoint Presentation
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10+ Reasons to use BUS advertising

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10+ Reasons to use BUS advertising - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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10+ Reasons to use BUS advertising. Buses go where people go. Buses are big, they move, and they are read Total of 5.2 billion passengers use the bus in the UK every year Buses reach people numerous times throughout the day in city centres and suburbs

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buses go where people go
Buses go where people go
  • Buses are big, they move, and they are read
  • Total of 5.2 billion passengers use the bus in the UK every year
  • Buses reach people numerous times throughout the day in city centresand suburbs
    • Buses’ mobility makes them effective for delivering maximum coverage of your intended audience

Source: DfT

you can t miss a bus
You can’t miss a bus
  • Bus is the most seen medium in town. 86% of consumers recall a bus ad they have seen.
  • Bus messages are powerful, eye catching and hard to ignore
  • They are ideal for retail advertisers as they give consumers ideas and drive impulse purchases
  • 59% of all UK adults (30m people), have seen advertising on a bus in the last week

Source: CBS Road to Enlightenment, TGI Q2 2011

huge coverage and frequency
Huge coverage and frequency
  • An average bus covers over 700 miles every week
  • 65% of UK’s ABC1s have seen bus advertising in the last week
  • 74% of ABC1s in London have seen bus advertisements in the last week

Source: DfT, TGI Q2 2011

seen and appreciated on high streets
Seen and appreciated on high streets
  • Buses are present on every single high street in the UK
  • Bus advertisements deliver impact when consumers are in ‘spending mode’ on the high street
  • Everyone will see them regardless whether they are pedestrians, motorists or cyclists.
  • 91% of London commuters say that bus is an iconic symbol of London
  • 73% of London commuters prefer buses with advertising

Source: The London Commuter, CBS Road to Enlightenment

proximity to shopping decisions
Proximity to shopping decisions
  • Buses are close to point of sale both in time and space
  • Great opportunity for brands and retailers to drive footfall
  • Vital for driving impulse purchases (confectionery, ice creams, food, drinks, magazines, clothes, shoes…)

“I've seen the Gap ads on buses and then gone into a store to have a look at the new range.”Clare ; C1 female aged 34

Source: CBS Road to Enlightenment

great for brand building
Great for brand building

The objective of the ‘Get stuffed!’ campaign was to raise awareness of Domino’s brand and the new stuffed crust pizza, driving an increase in sales.

Urban T-Sides were the perfect fit to ensure that the campaign covered all the franchisees.

‘Get Stuffed’ worked perfectly in this environment.

Research showed that those exposed to the bus ad were 92% more likely to consider ordering a Domino’s pizza.

“Bus advertising makes me more aware of the product it's advertising. For instance Abercrombie & Fitch has made an impact on me recently because I see so much of its advertising on buses. It's the same with H&M and Mango.”

Female, Social grade B, 25-34

Source: CBS Road to Enlightenment

high above the traffic
High above the traffic
  • Views of buses are the least obstructed
  • Buses can be seen at eye level to people walking or driving
  • Large formats allow the message to be read at a distance
  • Visible to people stuck in traffic or in buildings when the bus is stationary
the local medium
The local medium
  • Bus delivers messages into the heart of the community and gets people talking
  • 87% of the UK believe that buses play an important part of the local community
  • An ad for a national brand indicates its availability locally

Source: CBS Study with Lightspeed

an influential audience
An influential audience
  • Bus drives word of mouth - 45% of people agree they have mentioned or spoken about bus ads to somebody else
  • Buses generate the ‘talkability’ factor - Increasing reach & impact of campaign by expanding the message
  • The bus audience contains a high proportion of ‘Mavens’ ‘Champions’ and ‘Salespeople’ – TGI code for influencing other people

Source: Kinetic reach the moving world (all)

the most used medium for film and entertainment
The most used medium for film and entertainment
  • £24m was spent on cinema film releases in 2011
  • 43% of bus advertising accounts from film and entertainment
  • Bus delivers huge standout and coverage in short space of time, perfect for driving big numbers for the opening weekends that are so vital for film clients.

Source: NMR 2011

proven contacts with the public as shown by video of eye tracking
Proven contacts with the public (as shown by video of eye tracking)
  • Average view time (secs) for T side (3.8 secs), supersides(3.5 secs), mega rear (10.4 secs)
  • Longer exposure results in higher levels of noticeability – mega rears are the most effective site type in this respect
  • Bus ads can capture up to 88% of people’s attention
  • Movement adds to adverts being noticed by respondents

Source: CBS Verify

proven effective advertisers keep coming back
Proven effective: advertisers keep coming back

“Bus advertising provides us with a speed of coverage and frequency which is essential in the days leading up to our opening weekends. We find that we are able to create an unmissableimpact through the variety of site types and the audiences that they reach. Bus is fundamentally great at creating mass exposure and awareness and this is why we have continued to utilise bus advertising across the full range of our releases”.

Stuart Williams - Deputy Managing Director & Marketing Director, Sony Pictures UK

“We continue to use Bus advertising as it gives us the unique ability to reach a national audience very quickly. The flexibility that Bus offers is hugely appealing as it allows us to target specific areas with messages reflecting offers at local airports, ensuring our campaigns are highly targeted and relevant”.

James Lee - Marketing Manager UK, easyJet

Source: CBS Outdoor

great diversity of business base
Great diversity of business base
  • Bus is appreciated by all advertisers
  • Entertainment & Leisure dominates the medium, driven by “mini launches” films and shows
  • Very good spread of other categories
  • Suitable for all advertisers

Source: NMR 2011

leading advertisers on bus
Leading advertisers on bus
  • Top 50 advertisers who invested in bus outdoor 2011:

(Average spend £1M)

Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Entertainment Film, Warner Bros, E1 Entertainment, LOCOG, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox Film, Lionsgate Entertainment, O2, European Commission, Nestle, Buena Vista Intl, Vitabiotics, Axa Sun Life, Electronic Arts, Kellogg’s, Pandora, easyJet, Sony Computer, British Sky Broadcasting, Marks & Spencer, Optimum Releasing, BT, Warner Home Video, Specsavers, Egyptian State Tourist Office, Lebara Mobile, Tunisian Natl Tourist Office, Swiftcover, Momentum Pictures, Confused.com, Channel 4 TV, Digital UK, Capital One, Hutchison 3g, McCain Foods, Mercedes Benz, Barclaycard Services, Admiral, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Giorgio Armani Fashions, Harrods, Dominos Pizza, Antony Morato, Wonga.com, Subway, Capital Shopping Centre, Reebok, Glaxosmithkline

Source: NMR 2011

full range of creative options
Full range of creative options
  • “PHD has a long heritage of media innovation and we’re delighted to make Gap the first brand to use the illuminated T-side format. It is the perfect medium for Gap to communicate its ‘Be Bright’ message to a targeted shopping audience, particularly with the dark evenings throughout February.”
  • Dee Levison - Media Manager, PHD

Source: CBS Outdoor