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ᏣᎳᎩ ᎦᏬᏂᎯᏍᏗ 132 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ᏣᎳᎩ ᎦᏬᏂᎯᏍᏗ 132. ᎤᎾᏙᏓᏉᏅᎢ , ᎠᏅᏱ 24, 2014. Jump. 3 rd Sg . Present 1 st Sg . Present 3 rd Sg . Perfective 3 rd Sg . Imperfective 2 nd Sg . Immediate 3 rd Sg . Infinitive. Feeling, Durbin. 1975. Cherokee English Dictionary. Activity Structure Dialogues.

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ᎤᎾᏙᏓᏉᏅᎢ, ᎠᏅᏱ24, 2014


3rdSg. Present

1stSg. Present

3rdSg. Perfective

3rdSg. Imperfective

2ndSg. Immediate

3rdSg. Infinitive

Feeling, Durbin. 1975. Cherokee English Dictionary.

activity structure dialogues
Activity Structure Dialogues

1. 3rd Person Singular Present

Do advneha? What is he doing?

Daltadega. He's jumping.

activity structure dialogues1
Activity Structure Dialogues

2. 2nd Person Singular Immediate Command

Hawa. Taltaduga, nihiutsawada!

Oh. You jump, you kangaroo!

activity structure dialogues2
Activity Structure Dialogues

3. 1st Person Singular Present

Hawa, degalitadega.

Okay, I'm jumping.

activity structure dialogues3
Activity Structure Dialogues

4. 2nd and 1st Person Singular Imperfective Habitual


Do you always jump?

Vv, nigohilvdegalitadegoi.

Yes I always jump.

eat meal verb structure dialogue
Eat meal Verb Structure Dialogue

What is he doing?

He's eating a meal.

Oh. You eat meal, you hungry one!

Okay, I'm eating a meal.

Do you always eat a meal?

Yes, I always eat a meal.

eat meal verb structure dialogue1
Eat meal Verb Structure Dialogue


What is he doing? Gadoiyusdiadvneha?

He's eating a meal.

eat meal verb structure dialogue2
Eat meal Verb Structure Dialogue


Okay. You eat a meal, you pig!

Hawa. Halsdayvhvga, hi sikwa!

eat meal verb structure dialogue3
Eat meal Verb Structure Dialogue


Okay, I'm eating a meal.

Hawa, galsdayvhvsga.

eat meal verb structure dialogue4
Eat meal Verb Structure Dialogue

Imperfective (Habitual)

Do you always eat a meal?

Nigohilv-s halsdayvhvsgoi?

Yes, I always eat a meal.

Vv, nigohilvgalsdayvhvsgoi.

d feeling dictionary
D. Feeling Dictionary

Durbin Feeling and William Pulte 1975 Cherokee-English Dictionary from Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma is still the standard.

adawoa gadawoa
Adawoa. ~ Gadawoa.

Adawoa. She’s swimming.

Gadawoa. I’m swimming.

3rd Singular Pronoun and 1st Singular Pronoun

a- and g-

provide the information we need to predict all other pronouns for this Verb Word set.

isolate the present stem
Isolate the Present Stem

Adawoa. He is swimming.

Gadawoa. I am swimming.

g- ~ a- Pronoun Pattern indicates

-adawoa ‘is swimming Present Stem’

recite 10 present verb word sentences
Recite 10 Present Verb Word Sentences

Gadawoa. I am swimming.

Hadawoa. You are swimming.

Adawoa. She is swimming.

Osdadawoa. He and I are swimming.

Otsadawoa. They and I are swimming.

Inadawoa. You alone and I are swimming.

Idadawoa. You all and I are swimming.

Sdadawoa. You two are swimming.

Itsadawoa. You all are swimming.

Anadawoa. They are swimming.

udawovi he she swam
Udawovi. He/She swam.

Next Feeling (1975) provides the

3rd Person Singular

Perfective Experienced

Verb Word Sentence.

Udawovi. She/He/It swam.

u- 3rd Singular Agi-/Agw- Set Pronoun

-adawo- Perfective Stem

-vi Experienced Final (Speaker Experience)

recite 10 perfective experienced
Recite 10 Perfective Experienced

Agwadawovi. I swam.

Tsadawovi. You swam.

Udawovi. He swam.

Oginadawovi. She and I swam.

Ogadawovi. They and I swam.

Ginadawovi. You alone and I swam.

Igadawovi. You all and I swam.

Sdadawovi. You two swam.

Itsadawovi. You all swam.

Unadawovi. They swam.

adawosgoi she he swims
Adawosgoi. She/He swims.

Feeling (1975) presents the

3rd Person Singular

Imperfective Habitual

Verb Word Sentence.

Adawosgoi. He/She/It swims.

a- 3rd Singular Tsi-/G- Set Pronoun

-adawosg- Imperfective Stem

-oi Habitual Final

recite 10 imperfective habitual
Recite 10 Imperfective Habitual

Gadawosgoi. I swim.

Hadawosgoi. You swim.

Adawosgoi. She swims.

Osdadawosgoi. He and I swim.

Otsadawosgoi. They and I swim.

Inadawosgoi. You alone and I swim.

Idadawosgoi. You all and I swim.

Sdadawosgoi. You two swim.

Itsadawosgoi. You all swim.

Anadawosgoi. They swim.

hadawotsa swim
Hadawotsa! Swim!

Feeling (1975) presents the

2nd Person Singular

Immediate Command

Verb Word Sentence.

Hadawotsa! Swim! [you singular swim]

h- 2nd Singular Tsi-/G- Set Pronoun

-adawotsa Immediate Stem

recite 2 nd person commands
Recite 2nd Person Commands

Hadawotsa! Swim!

Sdadawotsa! You two swim!

Itsadawotsa! You all swim!

udawosdi him her to swim
Udawosdi … …him/her to swim.

Feeling (1975) presents the

3rd Person Singular

Infinitive Complement

Verb Word Phrase.

u- 3rdSingular Agi-/Agw- Set Pronoun

-adawosdi Infinitive Stem

(pitch accent creates Infinitive Complement)

recite 10 infinitive complement
Recite 10 Infinitive Complement

… agwaduliha. I want …

Agwadawosdi… …for me to swim.

Tsadawosdi… …for you to swim.

Udawosdi… …for her/him to swim.

Oginadawosdi… …for me and him to swim.

Ogadawosdi… …for me and them to swim.

Ginadawosdi… …for me and you alone to swim.

Igadawosdi… …for me and you all to swim.

Sdadawosdi… …for you two to swim.

Itsadawosdi… …for you all to swim.

Unadawosdi… …for them to swim