qmun reflection 24 th 26 th november 2010 n.
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QMUN Reflection (24 th -26 th November, 2010) PowerPoint Presentation
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QMUN Reflection (24 th -26 th November, 2010)

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QMUN Reflection (24 th -26 th November, 2010) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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QMUN Reflection (24 th -26 th November, 2010)
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  1. QMUN Reflection(24th-26th November, 2010) Name: Abdullaziz Ahmed M. Al Mohannadi Class: 9C Date: Tuesday, April 19th, 2011. Subject: Community And Servcie

  2. Section 1 This is not my first time to get involved in QMUN, and it’s even not the first year. Actually this is my third year and the third time, so I am experienced enough to know what to do myself. But I continued to join QMUN, because there is work to do in this project, I even get to meet new people, and also communicate with other people and strangers.

  3. Section 2 In this project, QMUN, I have communicated with delegates, judges, directors, and so on; plus I served them. Me, as an admin, I have to guide delegates and judges to their committees, pass notes around that are sent between delegates, judges, admins, press, directors, and others. There loads of other works, for example: passing the snacks to the committees and delegates; copying, and printing papers; passing papers in the committee to delegates; preventing bad stuff to happen from delegates and all other people who attended, like: smoking, skipping, and much more.

  4. Section 3 In QMUN, there were a lot of different committees, but I served only one, which is Human Rights. In this committee there was loads of work, like: running to the primary and make about 100 copies of the resolution and the problem, pass notes around, passing the resolution and problem sheets to the delegates, and much more.

  5. Section 4 QMUN, is a 3-day event, each day has a different plan than the others. Usually, everyday morning we put the pluck cards on the chairs in alphabetical order. After that guide the delegates to their committees. Then we hand out the new discussion sheets to the delegates, and then we go back to our normal work, which is passing notes and so on.

  6. Section 5 Outside each committee there is a poster showing which committee is this. There are also posters in the hallways showing the way to each committee. These posters helped us, as admins, because it kind of took our place and worked for us by guiding the delegates, judges, directors and other, to their committees, so we had less delegates to lead them to their right places.

  7. Section 6 Everything was good as planned, but there are some small problems that need to be fixed next time. A few of those problems are: that delegates skipped their committees; others go smoke between the bushes and in the bathrooms; admins didn’t have a copy machine and a printer that are close to them, instead they had to run to the staff room that is in the senior school to use the scanner and printer, and sometimes the machine went wrong and sometimes the room is locked and sometimes the machine is locked; and many other negatives.

  8. Section 7 I think the most learner profile that is used in QMUN is Communicator. In QMUN, there are a lot of people join, so there will be a lot of communication, and if there is a lot of communication therefore friendship will start to form. I, as an admin, had to be able to communicate with a lot of delegates, judges, press, other admins, and all people that attended QMUN. Especially in the opening ceremony, I was in charge of the VIP section, and there are some presidents attended, so I should have a nice attitude in talking to them.

  9. Section 8 To be honest, QMUN is my favorite community and service project, and I’m planning to join QMUN next year too. I hope next year the problems that I mentioned previously get fixed, so they put stricter rules to who skips and to who smokes, and so on. Yet I think that this year the admin staff achieved their goals, and worked really well. One of the goals was to not make a lot of pressure on the admins, or to make a lot of work in the committee, and I think they achieved it.

  10. Picture 1 This is the logo of the Qatar MUN.

  11. Picture 2 This is the opening ceremony of the QMUN, with some of the ambassadors waiting to spread out their speeches.

  12. Thank you for reading and watching