What to bring to camp
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What To Bring To Camp. Medical Forms & Releases Water Bottle Complete Class A Uniform (OA Sash if Member) Shoes (No Open Toes) Boots Pajamas/Sleep wear Plenty of Socks & Underwear Shorts & T-Shirts Long Sleeve shirt and pants Raingear Jacket Sweatshirt Cap/Hat

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What to bring to camp
What To Bring To Camp

  • Medical Forms & Releases

  • Water Bottle

  • Complete Class A Uniform

    • (OA Sash if Member)

  • Shoes (No Open Toes)

  • Boots

  • Pajamas/Sleep wear

  • Plenty of Socks & Underwear

  • Shorts & T-Shirts

  • Long Sleeve shirt and pants

  • Raingear

  • Jacket

  • Sweatshirt

  • Cap/Hat

  • Swim Suit (pack near top)

  • Towels & Washcloth

  • Soap & Shampoo

  • Toothpaste & Toothbrush

  • Comb or Brush

  • Flashlight & batteries

  • Insect Repellent

  • Merit Badge Pamphlets

  • Boy Scout Handbook

  • Day Pack

  • Sunscreen

  • Notebook, pens & pencils

  • Watch

  • Sleeping Bag or Bed Roll

  • Pillow

  • Pocket Knife

  • Rope for Clothesline

  • Dirty clothes bag

  • Spending Money (use Troop ATM)

  • Medications (use Medicine Man)

  • Tote, Suit Case

    • (Backpack for Camping MB)

  • Optional:

    • Bible/Prayer book

    • Work gloves

    • Camera & Film

    • Camp Chair

    • Sewing Kit

    • Fishing Gear (a must for Fishing MB)

    • Board Games

    • Air Mattress

    • Hammock

What scouts don t bring to camp
What Scouts DON’T bring to Camp

  • Fireworks

  • Firearms

  • Bows

  • Sheathe Knives

  • Hatchet, Axe, or Saw

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco

  • Matches or Lighters

  • Pornography

  • Pets

  • Bikes, Skates, Skate Boards, Mountain Boards

  • Cell Phones

  • Electronics

    • Can be used in car to and from camp, but not in camp.

Violators will be removed from Camp

Refunds will not be provided

Parents will transport the Violator home

This typically makes for a LONG ride home from camp


  • Medicines must be in the original container

  • Container should have:

    • Name of medicine

    • Name of scout

    • Troop 350

    • Dosage (how much and when)

    • Any other information necessary

  • Instructions must be clearly legible

  • Place instructions and medicine in a zip lock bag

  • Turn in all medications to the Medicine Man (Mr. Nelson) on Saturday before we leave

Spending money
Spending Money

  • Ballpark Estimate is $50 dollars.

    Some Scouts will spend more, some will spend less

  • Trading Post

    • T-Shirts

    • Drinks

    • Snacks

    • Merit Badge Books and Supplies

    • Misc Scout Stuff

Troop atm
Troop ATM

  • Put Scout’s Spending Money in an Envelope

  • Label the Envelope with:

    • Scout’s Name

    • Amount of Money

    • Daily Spending Limit (if desired)

  • Use small bills ($5 bills work best)

  • Turn in envelope to Troop ATM (Mr. Monell) on Saturday before we leave

Check in be on time
Check In – Be On Time

  • Saturday July 15th @ 1:00 PM

    • Pack Trailer

    • Turn in Medicine to Medicine Man who will turn it over to the Health Lodge.

    • Turn in Spending Cash to Adult ATM (optional)

    • Check with Summer Campmaster to make sure all your paper work is in order

  • Sunday July 16th - 7:30 AM (It is a 4-1/2 Hour Drive)

    • Arrive at Church in Class A Uniform

    • Parents must Sign Scouts In

    • Bring a Sack Lunch, Troop will provide the Drinks.

    • Group Photo

    • Group Blessing (A Scout is Reverent)

    • Assign Car Pools (no car-swapping, so don’t ask)

    • Depart for Camp at 8:00 AM

How to Get to Camp Woodruff (From Chattanooga)

  • Take I-75 N 18.7 miles

  • Exit onto off-ramp at exit 20 to US-74 E (TN-311 E, Apd-40) 0.2 miles

  • Take US-74 E (TN-311 E, Apd-40) Ramp < 0.1 miles

  • Bear right onto US-74 E (TN-311 E, Apd-40) 4.9 miles

  • Continue onto US-74 E (BYP US-64 E, TN-60 N, Apd-40) 1.4 miles

  • Enter on ramp to US-74 E (TN-40 E, Old Copper Rd, Waterlevel Hwy) 0.4 miles

  • Continue onto US-74 E (TN-40 E, Old Copper Rd, Waterlevel Hwy) 7 miles

  • Continue onto US-74 E (TN-40 E, Old Copper Rd) 0.9 miles

  • Continue onto US-74 (Old Copper Rd) 25 miles

  • Continue onto US-74 E (TN-40 E) 4 miles

  • Continue onto US-64 E (US-74 E, US-74 W) 14.7 miles

  • Turn right onto US-19 (US-129, Blairsville Hwy) 3.8 miles

  • Continue onto US-19 (US-129, GA-11, Murphy Hwy) 2 miles

  • Turn right onto GA-325 3.6 miles

  • Turn right onto Boy Scout Rd 0.9 miles

Camp visitor policy
Camp Visitor Policy

All guests (exception of family night) are required to immediately check-in at the Camp Office.


Friends and family are invited to visit their Scouts on Friday afternoon to enjoy camp fellowship. Parents are encouraged to stay for supper, which begins at 6:00 PM. For those desiring to eat scrumptious camp food at Woodruff, a $5.00 meal fee will be charged for all guests and they will eat with their respective units. Tickets for the meals must be prepaid by noon on Wednesday to assure that there will be sufficient food available. After supper, everyone is invited to stay for the final campfire and a farewell until next summer

First year scouts mountain man program
First Year Scouts - Mountain Man Program


The Mountain Man Program is designed for those Scouts who have either just crossed over from Webelos or have limited camping experience. Basic Scout skills for the new Scout form the basis of the program.


Mountain Man is a two-hour program held every morning all week. There are two sessions every day. The remainder of the day, scouts can work on merit badges that may interest them, or participate in troop activity periods. Scouts are instructed in the following skill areas: wood tools, meal preparation and cooking, pioneering, knots, orienteering, nature, first aid, and outdoor citizenship. In addition, scouts can participate in a five- mile hike, which is held most evenings.


All Mountain Main participants will receive a “Mountain Man” t-shirt to commemorate their week at camp.


There will be a Mountain Man Orientation Meeting on Sunday night at 7:00 PM for troop leaders involved with this program.

First year scouts mountain man program1
First Year Scouts - Mountain Man Program


Participants in the Mountain Man Program should bring following items:


  • Scout Handbook

  • Compass (if you have one)

  • Notebook with plenty of paper Pen and pencil

  • Cup or water bottle

  • Pocketknife (subject to Leader approval)

    5-MILE HIKE:

  • Water Bottle

  • Rain Coat/Poncho

  • Day Pack

  • Flashlight

  • Personal Kit—first aid kit, bug spray, medications

Merit Badges

  • Be Prepared - - Read your MB Pamphlets

    • Check them out from the Troop Library

    • Purchase from Scout Shop (~$3 bucks)

  • Long Poles in Tent (try to work these ahead of time)

    • Written requirements

    • Time based requirements

  • Friday Night Data Dump

  • Partial Completions

    • Identify the Troop’s MB Counselor

    • Contact the Counselor and set up a time to finish your requirements.

Care packages
Care Packages

  • Care Packages can be mailed to your son at:

    Woodruff Scout Reservation

    “Scout’s Name”

    Troop 350 Week #7

    10387 Boy Scout Road

    Blairsville, GA 30512

  • Make Letters Upbeat ——

    • Don’t dwell on how much you miss them and how you wish they were home.

  • Mail early —

    • Packages should be mailed before they leave for camp

    • Letters should be mailed no later than Tuesday

Contact information
Contact Information





The following phone number is for emergency contact only:

(706) 745-2700.


The following fax number (located in the Camp Program Office) is for summer camp business use only:

(706) 835-2823