the best storage for citrix xendesktop n.
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The Best Storage for Citrix XenDesktop PowerPoint Presentation
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The Best Storage for Citrix XenDesktop

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The Best Storage for Citrix XenDesktop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Best Storage for Citrix XenDesktop. Jim Cosby - Regional SE Manager, Civilian Agencies District Bud Kinzer - Partner Manager NetApp US Public Sector. Citrix Partnership. Integrated storage management Cooperative support agreements with Citrix

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The Best Storage for Citrix XenDesktop

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. The Best Storage for Citrix XenDesktop Jim Cosby - Regional SE Manager, Civilian Agencies District Bud Kinzer - Partner Manager NetApp US Public Sector NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

    2. Citrix Partnership • Integrated storage management • Cooperative support agreements with Citrix • NetApp supports all XenDesktop delivery modes • All NetApp storage systems are Citrix-certified • NetApp is a premier Citrix development platform • NetApp is part of all major Citrix Solutions NetApp Confidential

    3. Joint Solution for Desktop Virtualization Local VM Streamed VHD Hosted VDI Hosted Shared Profile XenDesktop Apps XenDesktop DesktopOS Any Hypervisor, Any Server NetApp Unified Storage

    4. Three Requisites for Success Cost Performance User Experience

    5. Storage Challenges for Virtual Desktops Storage acquisition and management costs Performance bottlenecks and poor user experience Ensuring data protection and high availability Security and control of user data Agility to manage desktop OSs, patches, upgrades NetApp Confidential

    6. Why NetApp for XenDesktop? • NetApp storage is an enabler • Reduce storage capacity requirement • Rapidly deploy desktops and bring users online • No performance impact during boot storms • Increase availability of desktop and apps • Automatic, space efficient back-ups, fast recovery

    7. The Best for Storage for XenDesktop Cost-Effective Desktop Storage

    8. Infrastructure Expenses Categories 18% 41% Storage Server DV Software Network Ops Other 24% 8% 8% 1% 8% Source: Gartner Dataquest

    9. Choosing the Right Storage “We caution organizations to lay out a complete data management strategy as part of the plan because the amount of storage (and how it’s backed up) can dramatically affect the capital costs” - Gartner: “Total Cost of Ownership of PCs vs. Hosted Virtual Desktops”

    10. App App App App App App OS OS OS OS OS OS NetApp® FAS System Duplicate data is eliminated Deduplication: Essential for XenDesktop Traditional Enterprise RAID Arrays • Dedupe primary, backup, DR, test clones and archival data

    11. Reducing Capacity for Virtual Desktops Deduplicate virtual desktops up to 95% Dedupe end-user storage by 30%-40% Create desktop copies without using additional capacity Thin provisioning increases utilization to over 70% RAID10 protection using ½ the number of disks Virtual Desktops 70% <40% Use at least 50% less storage with NetApp NetApp Storage Pool Utilization

    12. Lower Costs with XenDesktop and NetApp Pooled Desktops Dedicated Desktops User Data Storage for virtual desktops starting at around $50 per seat 90% Less No change 95% Less 90% Less No change 35% Less Non-optimized Storage XenDesktop on non-optimized storage XenDesktopon NetApp

    13. The Best for Storage for XenDesktop Performance affects user experience

    14. Storage Impact on Desktop Performance Read data block from disk Disk

    15. NetApp Handles Boot and Login Storms • Boot time decreases • Storage workload decreases • Performance increases Read data block from disk Disk Flash Cache Users aren’t affected during simultaneous boot or log on NetApp Confidential – Internal Use Only

    16. Size for Performance and Capacity PVS or Dedupe-aware Flash Cache Example: 1,000 Users 20 GB per user = 20 TB 8 IOPS per user = 8,000 IOPS steady state Peak Load 16000 $$ $$ Write I/O Optimization $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ Performance (IOPS) $$ $$ Steady State 8000 $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ PVS or Dedupe $$ $$ $$ 10 20 30 Sized for capacity Sized for performance Capacity (TB)

    17. The Best for Storage for XenDesktop Secure and Protect Desktops

    18. Cost-Effective Data Reliability The Problem Double-disk failure is a mathematical certainty RAID 5 (single parity disk) Insufficient protection RAID 10 (mirrored copy) Double the cost NetApp RAID-DP™ Solution Protects against double- disk failure High performance and fast rebuild Same protection and performance as RAID 10 at half the cost 18

    19. Centralized Backup and Recovery user data Full point-in-time virtual copy Self-service recovery from user error/software bugs • Restore desktop to previous state • Restore user data to previous state • Restore and recover databases in a few minutes Space-efficient, point-in-time copy technology • Snapshot-based backups, typically taken hourly

    20. Business Continuance for Desktops • Instant backup and recovery • Transparent recovery from component failures • Auto failover for system and site failures • Recover in minutes from larger regional disasters StorageLink Site Recovery w/NetApp SnapMirror DR Site Building 2 Building 1 XenDesktop users stay connected

    21. The Best for Storage for XenDesktop Storage as Flexible as Virtual Desktops

    22. Unified storage for virtual desktops Any protocols Desktops and user data Individual and pooled desktops Scale capacity in real-time Thousands of desktops per system Unified Storage for Desktop and Data User storage NAS SAN user data NetApp Confidential

    23. Integrated Storage Management XenDesktop Management Console Desktop Admin XenDesktop • Provisioning • Backup • Recovery • Deduplication • Cloning • DR Citrix StorageLink NetAppVirtualized Storage Integrates advance storage features at policy level NetApp Confidential

    24. NetApp and Cisco FlexPod Solution 20000 15000 5000 10000 5000 Develop and Test Desktop Virtualization Infrastructure building block Pre-configured & validated Scales for on-demand growth Predictable performance 2500 Data Protection and Backup Starting Out 1000 Production Balanced Infrastructure: CPU, Memory, IO

    25. Citrix XenDesktop Built on FlexPod Citrix XenDesktop XenDesktop Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers and UCS Manager Any Hypervisor • Optimized for XenDesktop • Unmatched price/performance • Fast deploy, easy to expand • Design and sizing guides • Cooperative support agreement Cisco Nexus Family Switches NetApp FAS 10 GE and FCoE

    26. Storage Must-Haves for Success • True unified storage • Deduplication of desktop & data • Performance acceleration for boot storms • Rapid cloning for all desktops • Built-in instant backups • Integrated storage management

    27. NetApp Confidential – Limited Use