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Soundcloudboosters Presentation

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Soundcloudboosters Presentation

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    1. Soundcloud and the Follower Challenge Banging your head against the wall!!!

    2. If youre on Soundcloud and you have even the slightest clue about what you are doing you know that getting followers is the key to success and all of your rockstar dreams.

    3. Its kinda funny because in order to fulfill your goals of moving up and into the light of pop stardom its wise to spend as much time finding and actually listening to other peoples music.

    4. Not only that but you also need to pay attention to their music in an actually caring way that invites them to interact and ultimately follow you. Sometimes it's just downright BORING!

    5. It takes a freaking looooong time!! Hours of listening to peoples clanks, and bangs can really be hard on your soul! Sometimes its as if youre in some kind of hell! How many times can you adjust the volume quick enough to save your ears from that deafening noise screaming at you from those speakers!!

    6. Some people on Soundcloud think they can call it experimental just to make up for some of the bad production!! HAH!

    7. The obvious way to do it is just realize its going to take a while and then schedule out time everyday to comment, play, and follow. Theres no pleasant way really... its basically a numbers game. If you focus, 30 minutes a day can get you a lot of work done.....

    8. Along with making sure you have great production and good songs its also important to update your songs as often as you can. Your profile can be very important as content is king and people will visit links you provide.i.e websites, press releases etc.

    9. Most people taking the time to read your profile will always be tweaked by a great story or just a good bio. Just make sure youre real and your story fits the genre and style of your music.

    10. EDM people dont need to focus so much on the bio as they do providing good content in the form of their recordings and, if possible, links to videos associated with the music. Once again though, its just a numbers game.

    11. One way to increase traffic is to buy followers, plays, and comments. This can be extremely helpful when you initially upload a fresh tune. The first push draws attention to your tracks and people will take the time to listen if they see your follower count is high.

    12. Its just a way of giving your profile a boost and can speed up exposure almost overnight. Theres a great website that provides this service called They have this special thing going on where you can get followers at a reduced rate. Check it out here.--->LINK

    13. If youre serious about moving up the ranks on Soundcloud youd be well advised to buy comments, plays, or follows for your freshly uploaded tracks. Just to get things going. This link has a discount if you do one simple thing.... Click below to find out more!! THE DEAL