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So / Such. Meaning : . To emphasise the great extent or high degree of what you’re talking about. He is SO gorgeous ( so + adjective ) William Levy acts SO well / wonderfully ( so + adverb ). He has acted in SO many soap operas .

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  • Toemphasisethegreatextentorhighdegree of whatyou’retalkingabout.

He is SOgorgeous (so + adjective)

William Levy acts SOwell / wonderfully

(so + adverb)


He has acted in SO manysoap operas.

(so + quantifiers:Many, much, few, little+ noun)

He’s acted in SOfew movies.


She is SUCH a beautiful actressSINGULAR

(such + adjective + noun)

Boys loved watching transformers with

SUCH a talented young actress SINGULAR

(such + adjective + noun)


Megan Fox’s movies get SUCHgreatreviews and SUCHgreatsuccess.

(such + adjective + pluralnoun and uncountable )


She is toocrazy.

(too + adjective / adverb)

(I cannot believe how crazy she is. My common sense doesn’t give for it.)

She lost her popularity tooquickly.

(too + adjective / adverb)

(It happened much sooner than expected)


Too manypeople went to The Killer’s concert in Mty

(toomuch / toomany + noun)

(Arena Mty was at its highest capacity)


There was toomuch emotion from the audience during the concert.

(toomuch / toomany + noun)

(The event was more than full of emotion, people were really excited)


The twilight saga is interestingenough.

(adjective / adverb + enough )

(The twilight books are so interesting that too many people want to read them all, they don’t need to be better.)

The Twilight saga is creativelyenough(adjective / adverb + enough )

(It’s really creative, it doesn’t need to be more creative)


There are enoughTwilight books.

(enough + noun)

(There shouldn’t be more books. It’s just the right amount of books for such story)


Robert Pattinson is handsomeenough to play Edward’s role. (adjective / adverb + enough)

(He doesn’t need to be more handsome, he is perfect for it)

Robert got enoughfame thanks to Twilight. (enough + noun)(he got as much fame as he wanted)


Robert and Kirsten don’t act wellenough.

(adjective / adverb + enough)

(they could put more emotion and effort into their characters)

They got enough money for acting in this movie. (enough + noun)