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Night by Elie Wiesel

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Night by Elie Wiesel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Night by Elie Wiesel. Questions for Night are due on April 24, 2009. Elie Wiesel -- age 15. Questions. What art was Moche the Beadle a master in? How old was Elie when he got to know Moshe the Beadle? How old must you be before you could study the “perilous would or mysticism?”

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night by elie wiesel
Night by Elie Wiesel

Questions for Night are due on

April 24, 2009

Elie Wiesel -- age 15

  • What art was Moche the Beadle a master in?
  • How old was Elie when he got to know Moshe the Beadle?
  • How old must you be before you could study the “perilous would or mysticism?”
  • What master did Elie find to guide him to cabbala?
  • What did Elie do when he prayed?
  • Where did Moche tell Elie he would find the answers to God and other questions?
  • What conviction grew within Elie?
  • Why was Moche the Beadle expelled?
  • What did the train leave behind when it left?
  • What happened to the foreign Jews that were expelled?
  • How did people react to Moche’s stories?
  • What good news came from the Russian Front in Spring of 1944?
  • What, at this time, did people doubt about Hitler?
  • What weren’t the people interested in at the time?
  • Why wouldn’t Elie’s father sell his business and leave?
  • Who had come into power, according to Budapest radio?
  • What had begun in Budapest?
  • How many days past before Germans appeared in Elie’s town?
  • How did German officers treat people when they moved into some of the Jewish homes?
  • What happened on the seventh day of Passover?
21.What “race” had begun?

What was the penalty for leaving your house the first 3 days?

What did Jews have to wear after the first 3 days?

What did Elie’s father think of the yellow star?

What other laws were past restricting Jews?

What was set up in Sighet? How many were there?

What general opinion was believed regarding the new living situations?

What news was learned at the “extraordinary meeting of the council?”

What did the Hungarian police start doing to hurry the Jews along?

What were the children crying out for as they waiting to leave?

What did the street remind Elie of once everyone had left?

What did father do when they started marching that Elie had never seen before?

What was the only link Elie had to the Hungarian police, even today?

Who were the “first faces of hell and death”?

Where were Elie and his family moved to?

Why could people come and go from the ghetto?

What did their old servant, Martha, beg Elie’s father to do?

What day was Elie’s family expelled?

Who organized the expulsion?

How many people were put in each cattle car?

What “split the air” when they were finally on their way


42. Where did the train stop?

43. What were they told to immediately surrender when the door opened?

44. What were they warned if there was anyone missing?

45. What did Madame Schachter claim to see from the window?

46. How did they finally quiet Madame Schachter?

47. What did they start doing to Madame Schachter to quiet her further?

48. What was the name on the train station they finally stopped at?

49. What did the people see when the arrived at the labor camp?

50. What smell was in the air when they got off the train car?

51. What was left on the train? What did Elie call them?

52. What 8 words were spoken when they met the non-commissioned SS officer?

53. What ages did the strange man tell Elie and his father to be?

54. As they young men became anxious over their predicament, what did the older men implore them to do?

55. Who waited for them in the middle of the square, a conductor’s baton in hand?

56. What did he ask Elie? What did Elie answer?

57. What did Elie see burning in the pit?

58. Who did Elie Feel anger toward?

59. What did Elie plan on doing as they approached the burning ditch?

60. What else, besides the bodies, did Elie say the flames consumed?

61. What did the barracks make Elie think of?


62. What did the barracks make Elie think of?

63. What were the SS officers looking for when they made everyone strip?

64. What duty were the strong ones chosen for?

65. What did Elie realize “one ultimate moment of lucidity?’

66. After changing into assigned clothes, what happened to the child Elie was?

67. How much time had passed between leaving the house and being disinfected in the camp?

68. What didn’t anyone raise their voices when talking amongst themselves?

69. What did Elie have on that others were forced to surrender? Why were’t his notices?

  • What odor accompanied the SS officer that arrived?
  • What was the choice the SS officer placed in the prisoners’ hands?
  • What was the word that seemed to have the only real meaning in the camp?
  • What kind of the workers were the first to be ordered forward?
  • Who was put in charge of Elie’s group?
  • What inscription was over the iron door of Auschwitz?
  • What was the gravest danger the group was told they’d already escaped?
  • When the prisoners spoke, what was the one subject they didn’t discuss?\What was placed on each prisoner by the veterans with the medical instruments?
  • How did prisoners avoid moves to other locations?
  • Why was the prisoner in charge of Elie’s block removed? Who replaced him?
  • What did Elie cease doing? Who did he sympathize with?
  • What was the name of the new camp Elie’s group was moved to?
  • What unit was it important NOT to get transferred to at the new camp?
  • Why was the head of Elie’s tent especially interested in children?
  • What sis the head’s assistant want from Elie?
  • What was the dentist checking for during the medical examinations?
  • What were the prisoners made to do in the orchestra block?
  • What kind of music were Jewish musicians forbidden to play?
  • What kind of work was Elie’s group made to do?
  • Why was Elie sent to the dentist?
  • How did Elie delay getting worked on by the dentist?
  • What happened to the dentist and why?
  • What was a stomach aware of, according to Elie?
  • What did Franek the foreman want from Elie?
  • Who did Franek take his anger out on?
  • What punishment did Elie face for “meddling.”
  • What was left unattended during the air raid?
  • What happened to the camp?
  • Who was the only victim of the bombing raid?
  • What was set up at the center of the camp a week after the bombing raid?
  • What was the sentence for stealing during an alert?
  • What did someone ask during the execution of the child?
  • How long did it take for the child to die?
  • What day of the year was different from the others?
  • Who was Elie angry at during the gathering at the assembly?
  • During the service, Elie felt he was the accuser. Who was the accused?
  • What did Elie see when he looked into his father’s face?
  • What was the debated concerning Yorn Kippur over?
  • What two reasons does Elie give for not fasting?
  • What was the “fine New Year’s gift” from the SS?
  • What advice did the head of Elie’s block give the prisoners?
  • Who was amongst the SS officers during selection?
  • What did Elie do to avoid being written down during inspection? What wasn’t in Elie’s dream of a better world?
  • What changed regarding the rations?
  • Who was picked out of the work group before they set off one morning? Why them?
  • Who else was included in the group?
  • What did Elie’s father give him?
  • What did Elie find back in Block 36 after the work day?
  • What did Elie believe cracked in Akiba Drumer that resulted in him being taken by selection?
  • What did Elie and his group promise Akiba?
  • What was different about Christmas and New Year’s Day?
  • What problem did Elie have in the middle of January?
  • What advice did Elie get from the Hungarian Jew in the hospital?
  • What did Elie fear when he awoke from the operation?
  • What was this rumor “more solid”?
  • Why did Elie’s hospital “neighbor” have more faith in Hitler?
  • What did Elie learn would happen to the camp?
  • What was a happen to the patients during evacuation?
  • What happened to those who were left behind in the hospital?
  • What did the head of Elie’s block demand the block be cleaned before they left?