best cricket store to purchase quality equipments l.
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Best cricket store to purchase quality equipments PowerPoint Presentation
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Best cricket store to purchase quality equipments

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Best cricket store to purchase quality equipments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There is no denying the fact that cricket has become a passion sport in many nations across the world though the game was said to have been initially played only in England.

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Best cricket store to purchase quality equipments

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    1. Best cricket store to purchase quality equipments

    2. There is no denying the fact that cricket has become a passion sport in many nations across the world – though the game was said to have been initially played only in England. • Cricket is considered the world's second most popular sport after football. In view of this overwhelming popularity of the game, there is a wide choice of several reputable and reliable sports goods companies which sell high quality cricket equipment at affordable prices.

    3. It is possible to buy all types of good quality cricket equipments – right from cricket shoes to bats to gloves to cricket balls – either physically shopping around or online. • There are several websites that also offer a lot of helpful information concerning various items of cricket equipment.

    4. The list of cricket equipments include Cricket Bats, Batting Gloves, Helmets, cricket balls, Elbow Guards, Chest Guards, Thigh Pads, Wicket Keeping Gloves, Wicket Keeping Pads, Batting Pads, Cricket Stumps/Wickets etc. • It is good to remember that reliable and even sophisticated cricket equipment for playing the game are today available as most of them are specially designed by cricket wear experts.

    5. The manufacturers claim that they bestow the necessary care and attention when making cricket clothing; footwear and cricket gear to ensure they are supportive, functional, and comfortable to wear and economically priced. • It needs to be stated that the right cricket clothing should be durable and comfortable to wear for long hours standing at the crease as batsmen or deliver the balls continuously as a bowler.

    6. Any physical discomfort in clothing can adversely affect the performance of a cricketer in the field. • Professional cricketers choose to wear shirts, trousers and special underwear usually made from cotton and elastane or lightweight polyester materials and the clothing generally have that soft feel and functional air flow panels. • The stretch cricket trousers are equipped with breathable mesh panels, convenient side pockets, poppers and elastic waists and tie cords.

    7. It is also good to know about the sturdy base layers worn by players underneath clothing. They include base layer leggings, shorts, long sleeve items, tights, etc - mostly made of nylon, polyester, lycra and elastane with antibacterial properties. • Cricketers opt for inner crotch panels, practical fly openings, flat seaming to keep them warm when the weather is cold.

    8. When buying cricket shoes, make sure they feature special spikes which lend support and stability to foot movements. You can buy full spike, half spike, multi spike shoes created for various levels of cricketers. • High quality cricket shoes must be sturdy yet lightweight and flexible featuring breathable synthetic uppers, rubber high traction outsoles, and high response mid soles, gel cushioning, low cut designs and such other comfort factors.

    9. Cricket balls are of red or white color with cork base. The cork base is then wrapped in twine and further covered with leather. The standard cricket ball has a circumference of 23 cm (9 inches). • For a cricketer, the most crucial item is the bat as without the right quality of bat, it may be dangerous to face bowlers who bowl a cricket ball at nearly 100mph.

    10. First, you must find out the size of cricket bat you will be most comfortable using. The length of the bat should not be longer than 38 inches. The blade and the handle are the two parts of the bat that you should specifically take interest to examine. • A good cricket bat is usually made of about 20 separate canes that come with rubber layers pasted into it so that they can act as shock absorbers.

    11. It is also necessary to choose the perfect handle length – be it long or short - and the diameter that is appropriate to your height and size of hand. English willow is widely acknowledged as the best material for the blade. • Try to buy a compressed curved cricket blade and avoid the shaved bats because the curved ones are certainly superior to the shaved ones.