weathering and erosion n.
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WEATHERING AND EROSION . Haley, Sam, Hailey & Claire. Definitions . Erosion: The gradual distruction or proscess or eroding by nature (wind, water etc ) Weathering: The breakdown and alteration of rocks and minerals at or near earths surface.

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weathering and erosion


Haley, Sam, Hailey & Claire

  • Erosion: The gradual distruction or proscess or eroding by nature (wind, water etc)
  • Weathering: The breakdown and alteration of rocks and minerals at or near earths surface.
  • Physical Weathering: Process of breaking down rock by nature; experiencing changes in character
  • Chemical Weathering: Involving chemical reactions, produces a rock with a new mineral composition
water erosion
Water Erosion
  • There are many types of weathering and erosion in nature, but we are focusing on erosion caused by water
  • The flow of the water is what erodes material
  • Such as a, flowing river, rain and a running tap
  • Flowing water causes material like rock to break up and erode away
why does this happen
Why does this happen?
  • Water in motion is the greatest force in shaping earths surface.
  • The body of water wears away surface according to velocity and volume
  • As the water flows past the banks it carries away materials like the rock, dirt and sand.
  • (physical weathering)
  • Eventually the moving water weathers down the soil on the banks or rivers and streams
important factors
Important factors
  • Volume of a stream
  • Corrasion
  • Flow of water
  • Transportaion and deposition
  • Tributary
  • Mouth of river
  • Drainage
types of water erosion
Types of Water Erosion
  • Splash erosion: When raindrops fall onto earths surface the impacts can cause detachment of particles
  • Sheet erosion: Heavy rain fall flows in a sheet along bare soil, removing particles in thin layers
  • Runoff: extreme amount of water on little surface causing more erosion.
  • Rill erosion: Heavy rain causes carves in soil, water fills up rills and become gullies
  • Gully erosion: Flowing water goes along a depression
  • Valley or Stream erosion: Continuous water flow erodes downward causing valley to become deeper
river stages
River Stages
  • Torrent Course: Fast flowing water erodes rapidly downward or vertically
  • Valley course: Slower moving water erodes the banks causing lateral erosion
  • Plain course: Slow winding river over flat ground
results of water erosion
Results of water erosion
  • On the surface which has been eroded by flowing water, it developes a pattern
  • Drainage patterns or Dendritic Drainage form patterns
  • Patterns along soil called radical, Dendritic and Trellis.
form of the earth
Form of the earth
  • Different types of rock erode and weather differently
  • The flow of water causes slopes, new streams and rivers, deeper valleys, hills and depressions