the history of the telephone n.
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The History of the Telephone PowerPoint Presentation
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The History of the Telephone

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The History of the Telephone - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The History of the Telephone. Technology evolution timeline. By Jakeira Frost. The Inventors. The Invention of Electricity. Thomas Edison invented electricity, along with over 1000 other inventions throughout his lifetime. He developed a complete electrical system.

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The History of the Telephone

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    1. The History of the Telephone Technology evolution timeline. By Jakeira Frost

    2. The Inventors

    3. The Invention of Electricity • Thomas Edison invented electricity, along with over 1000 other inventions throughout his lifetime. • He developed a complete electrical system. • Electricity is a form of energy involving the flow of electrons. Edison found a way to store energy for the everyday use ofelectricity by creating a generator. • In the 1870’s Edison built a DC (direct current) electric generator. He then provided all of New York with electricity.

    4. The Invention of the Telegraph • The invention of electricity lead many other inventions such as the television and computers. • Among other inventions in the 19th century the telegraph was invented electric telegraph was invented in 1809 by Samuel Morse. • The electric telegraph is a outmoded communication system that transmitted electric signals over wires from location to location that translated into a message. • The machine used 35 wires with gold electrodes in water and at the receiving end 2000 feet, the message was read by the amount of gas caused by electrolysis. • Claude Chappeinvented the original, non-electric telegraph in 1791.

    5. The Invention of the Telephone • Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone. • Patent No. 174,465 was issued to Bell in 1876, and it became recognized as the most valuable patent in history. • In the 1870’s the telephone was invented by Alexander Bell and Elisha Gray. Bell obtained the patent just hours before Gray and was pronounced the inventor of the telephone. Although Gray still gets reorganization for his invention. • Bell was a pioneer in the field of telecommunications. • The telegraph and telephone are both wire-based electrical systems. Bell's accomplishment with the telephone came as a result of his attempts to improve the telegraph.

    6. The Invention of the Cell Phone • Martin Cooper is the inventor of the first cell phone. April 3, 1973 marks the day that the first call on a portable cellular phone. • In 1947, AT&T's research arm, Bell Laboratories, introduced the idea of cellular communications. • Cooper is a former general manager for the systems division at Motorola. During the 1960’s and early 70’s, Motorola and Bell Labs were in a race to incorporate the technology into handy devices.  “As I walked down the street while talking on the phone, sophisticated New Yorkers gaped at the sight of someone actually moving around while making a phone call.” – Martin Cooper

    7. How Does This Show Evolution? • Since the invention of electricity, it has become a basic part of human nature and it is one of our most widely used forms of energy. As a result of electricity, technology in general has made a spectacular transformation. • As a result of the invention of the telegraph and the great efforts of many scientist, the telephone was invented. • Improvements of the telephone eventually lead to the invention of the cell phone. • The cell phone invention expanded to of a variety of cell phone companies who have created an unique selection of cell phones.

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