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Research Matters

Research Matters

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Research Matters

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  1. Research Matters Jane Whittingham Research & Commercial Division 30-36 Newport Road tel x76930 fax x74189

  2. Scope: Background to Cardiff University’s research awards and performance RACD and its role - research, consultancy and services for business Process of applying for research grants Support available to academic staff

  3. 1. Cardiff University Research and services activity versus total turnover: Total Cardiff University turnover c. M£320 New research awards (grants & contracts): M£79 in 2004/05 Research income: M£61 in 2004-05 Consultancy / services income: >M£10 pa Exploitation income (licensing): M£2 pa 1,625 ‘live’ externally funded research projects operating via RACD accounts in March 2006, total value £278 million

  4. ? 50 + 13 merger

  5. Application & award values 1,738 research applications made by Cardiff staff logged in RACD in 2004/2005 for a total of M£211 (mean = £121K) Average CU research award 2004/05: £100.3K

  6. Research awards by sponsor (2004-05, £ million) Research Councils 25.7 UK Gov't 10.3- includes Structural Funds, Obj 1&2 UK local authority 0.22 UK public corps. 1.1 UK industry 5.3 Charities 14.7- increase post-merger Overseas 2 Other 12.1- can include e.g. SRIF EC 6.6 - major increases under FP6 EU other 0.4 Health authorities 0.6 TOTAL 79

  7. Research awards by school 2004-05 (£)

  8. 2. RACD and its role RESEARCH AND COMMERCIAL DIVISION (Strategic Development Directorate) :1. Research Development Research Support – new project ideas and proposals Research Information – funding opportunities, database of expertise European Office (FP6/7; ERDF, Objective 1 & 2) 2. Research Grants Office Costing & pricing; separate pre- and post-awards activities Grants/Contracts Financial Administration, reporting & audit

  9. 3. Research Policy & Management Research Governance, Ethical approval, Clinical trials & research ‘sponsors’, NHS Interaction Legal issues, agreements, contracts, subcontracting, tender submissions, grant transfers 4. Commercial Development Consultancies & Business Services, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships; Industrial Links - Innovation Network (CUIN) Patents & technology transfer; Spin-off companies

  10. 3. The Process of Applying Locating your source of funding Knowing what information to collect before applying Writing the research grant application Costing your proposal

  11. Locating Your Source of Funding Research Councils Government Departments Charitable Trusts and Foundations European Union Professional Bodies Business and Industry

  12. What Information to Collect Before Applying What are the current and future priorities of the funding body? Am I eligible? What is the success rate? What was funded last year? Who assesses your application? When are the deadlines? Who else from my institution has been successful? Take them out for lunch and ask to see their bid!

  13. Writing the Grant Application Title Timetable and Milestones Summary Institutional Contribution Background Financial Plan Aims Justification of Costs Plan CVs Purpose and Potential Supporting Information

  14. 3. Support Available to Academic Staff Sources of funding Proposal development Financial costing Electronic submission INSERV?

  15. Sources of Funding Research@Cardiff Funding guides RACD information resource Web alerts Research Fortnight/Research Fortnight Online

  16. Research Fortnight UK newsletter of funding opportunities and articles on research and technology policy Subscription since its launch in 1994 Feedback indicates that many staff either never, or only occasionally, see a copy It is now available on the web

  17. Research Fortnight Online Gold Service Full access to all UK relevant material Excludes material aimed at users from overseas Access for all staff and students from any computer on the internal network - no password required

  18. Information Available Searchable database of funding opportunities, news, funding bodies and their programmes Full text of all editions of Research Fortnight since June 2002 Full text of Research Europe since July 2002

  19. Further information and contacts General enquiries Geraint Jones (Director) x 74182 Adrienne Evans (PA) x 74837 Christine O’Gorman (Reception) x 75834 Grants / Financial Administration Graham Edwards x 74396 Mina Veillard (post-award) x 74651 Kathryn Sinclair (pre-award) x 75835 Research Governance, ethics, policy Kathy Pittard Davies x 79274 Chris Shaw x 79130 Research Information, funding sources Jane Whittingham x 76236

  20. Research Development Dave Bembo x 75159 European Office Nick Bodycombe (FP6/7) x 77135 Justyna Mortka (Other EU, Obj 1&2) x 70114 Contracts / Legal Agreements Laura Williams x 76558 Intellectual Property Issues, patents, spin-out companies Nick Bourne x 75042 Consultancy, Services for Business, Innovation Network Michael Wright x 75513

  21. Training opportunities Project Management training and the Cardiff University Project Management Framework (Planning, via HR) Intellectual Property and Patent Searching Online (RACD, via HR) Research Fortnight Online (Jane Whittingham) Getting Grant Funding For early stage researchers and PhD students (RACD, via HR)