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Myths from Bretagne

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Myths from Bretagne. The Korrigans An Ankou The legend of Ys town Broceliande ‘s woman. The Korrigans.

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myths from bretagne

Myths from Bretagne

The Korrigans

An Ankou

The legend of Ys town

Broceliande ‘s woman

the korrigans

The Korrigans

The Korrigans are spirits who take the appearance of dwarfs in the Celtic tradition and Breton in particular. Benevolent or malevolent, as appropriate, they can exercise extreme generosity, but are also capable of horrible revenge. Their appearance is varied, they can have beautiful hair and bright red eyes, with which they are supposed to bewitch mortals or be described as small, black and hairy, wearing flat hats with ribbons velvet, with girls wearing purple hats.They are mostly in caves or in the dolmens. But they also haunt the springs, the fountains or the moors of the Breton countryside.

an ankou

An Ankou

As a very tall and thin man with long hair

As a skeleton who wear a cloak

An Ankou is from the Celt mythology. He is not representing the death but he is his servant. He need to collect recent dead’s soul and put them in his acrid cart. It is said that when someone alive hear his cart, he will die soon. It is also said that the people who see the Ankou will die in the year.

Ankou never stay the same, indeed the last dead in the year become the Ankou.

Ankou can be described on two different ways :

In both representation An Ankou use a special scythe as a weapon. Indeed the blade is reversed with regard to the scythe used in the fields. So to attack his target, he is throwing the scythe forward.