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BALLISTICS. By, Tate Reed and Matt Lanford. What is “ballistics?”. Ballistics is the study of projectile weapons and their ammunition This area covers bullets and guns especially

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Tate Reed and Matt Lanford


What is “ballistics?”

  • Ballistics is the study of projectile weapons and their ammunition
  • This area covers bullets and guns especially
  • It is the science used to determine things like trajectory, path, speed, “origin,” etc., in our case, of a bullet in a crime scene

Ballistics Categories

  • Internal – how bullet leaves the gun and begins its projectile path towards its “victim”
  • Transition – how the bullet is moving and how fast it is moving from initial release
  • Terminal – how the bullet impacts the target
    • Determines where it was shot from
    • The angle of the bullet in the wound
    • Where the bullet strikes
  • External – how the bullet flies through the air
    • wind speed
    • How external factors affect the flight, etc.

Methods of Investigation

  • Blood residue on gun
    • If there is a blood splatter on the gun but not the hand, that rules out suicide
    • Specific patterns of blood splatter from the bullet can show what angle and how close the shooter was to the victim
  • A closer look at the bullet
    • experts look at the marks the bullet made on the gun barrel
    • The force and trajectory it had leaving the barrel
    • this is all to tell them what kind of gun was used to narrow down suspects

More Methods: Ballistic Gel

  • Ballistic gel is used to represent the human tissue
  • This can tell the investigators a number of things:
    • flight of bullet through body
    • Distance and angle from the victim
    • How certain bullets and guns travel through humans
    • Speed of bullet upon impact
    • Can be molded into a human-like figure to recreate the murder victim, and his or her shooting

Interview: Max J. Scott

  • What methods of investigation do you use?
    • I graph the bullet nd shooting three demensionally with an X, Y, and Z axis
    • reverse the path of the bullet hole into the barrel, and determine trajectory
  • What do you do?
    • measure the trajectory of the bullet
    • Examine bullets used in shootings to find type of bullet, gun, and how the bullet flew