by sid fleischman n.
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The Whipping Boy the power point by Jacob musulman PowerPoint Presentation
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The Whipping Boy the power point by Jacob musulman

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The Whipping Boy the power point by Jacob musulman - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By Sid Fleischman . The Whipping Boy the power point by Jacob musulman. summary.

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  • The kings son, Prince Brat, ran into the forest with Jemmy because he thinks his father does not care about him. And then someone named Cutwater and Hold You're Nose Billy captured them And they wanted the prince to write a bad letter to the king about money or they will do something bad to the prince and Jemmy But Jemmy was smart enough that when Cutwater and Billy opened the door to send the letter but when they did they breasted out and ran in the woods but Cutwater and Billy ran after them so Prince Brat and Jemmy ran in a cave but before Cutwater and Billy could go in the cave a bear popped out and scared them
main characters
Main characters
  • prince brat- brat- seines of humor- spoiled
  • Jemmy- smart- poor- courage
  • The kings Castle- big
  • In the forest- lost
  • In A dark cave
  • In the past
  • The dragons period
conflict resolution and climax
Conflict Resolution and Climax
  • Prince brat and Jemmy gets capered by cutwater and Billy
  • They run in the woods to get away
  • The bear popes out and scars cutwater and Billy
i rate this book a
I rate this book a?????????
  • 3 stars
  • Because I don’t like the part when the bear could do tricks but I did like the book