St padre pio 1887 1968
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St. Padre Pio 1887-1968. Feast Day September 23. St. Padre Pio was raised in a poor family in Italy . He was often very ill. Tough Start. Ambition. His dream was to become a priest . At 15 years old, he joined one of the priestly order s and continued to serve for nearly fifty years.

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St padre pio 1887 1968

St. Padre Pio1887-1968

Feast Day

September 23

Tough start

St. Padre Pio was raised in a poor family in Italy.

He was often very ill.

Tough Start


  • His dream was to become a priest.

  • At 15 years old, he joined one of the priestly orders and continued to serve for nearly fifty years.


  • In addition to his priestly collar, Padre Pio bore another sign of his strong faith.

  • Padre Pio had the stigmata. The stigmata are wounds in the exact same places as Christ’s wounds from when he was on the cross. These wounds never heal.

  • As a result, Padre Pio is often seen with gloves to cover the wounds on his hands


  • Instead of worrying about his own problems, Padre Pio spent his time praying for others.

  • He also raised funds for a new hospital to treat the poor in Italy

Standing still
Standing Still

  • Padre Pio didn’t travel much but he still met plenty of people.

  • People came from great distances based on stories they heard about Padre Pio.

Hard work
Hard Work

  • Padre Pio spent two hours each morning preparing for Mass.

  • He would then spend up to two hours celebrating these daily Masses.

Forgive me father
Forgive Me, Father

  • After Mass, Padre Pio would spend several hours each day listening to confessions.

  • Padre Pio could read the hearts of those who were confessing.

Special appearance
Special Appearance

  • During World War II, American pilots were on a mission to bomb Padre Pio’s home village.

  • However, when they tried to drop the bombs a vision of Padre Pio appeared and their bombs failed to drop.

Last rites
Last Rites

  • The wounds on Padre Pio’s hands and feet bled everyday of his life.

  • However, when celebrating his last Mass his wounds stopped bleeding.

  • Doctors examining his hands confirmed that the wounds from which he bled were not man-made.