Bio informatics and ethics
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Bio-informatics and Ethics. DOLCE Workshop Keith W. Miller May 21, 2002. Objectives of This Exercise. The student should be able to write a definition of “bioinformatics.” The student should be able to identify the stakeholders in a case involving genetic information.

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Bio informatics and ethics l.jpg

Bio-informatics and Ethics

DOLCE Workshop

Keith W. Miller

May 21, 2002

Objectives of this exercise l.jpg
Objectives of This Exercise

  • The student should be able to write a definition of “bioinformatics.”

  • The student should be able to identify the stakeholders in a case involving genetic information.

  • The student should be able to suggest an analogy, including similarities and differences, that involves bioinformatics

Define before use l.jpg
Define Before Use

  • What is Bioinformatics? A Proposed Definition and Overview of the Field. Luscombe, Greenbaum & Gerstein, Methods of Inform. Med. Vol.4 (2001)

  • Three objectives: Using computers,…

    • Organize biological data

    • Develop tools to analyze biological data

    • Analyze data to get biological insights

What kinds of biological information are key l.jpg
What Kinds of Biological Information are Key?

  • Opinions vary, but much of the work now being done focuses on molecules, genes, and genetics.

  • “Bioinformatics is an integration of mathematical, statistical and computer methods to analyze biological, biochemical, and biophysical data.” Georgia Tech Dept. of Biology

How is ethics relevant l.jpg
How is Ethics Relevant?

  • Technical decisions and human values intertwine.

  • The information in bioinformatics is inherently personal, often coming from human bodies.

  • Powerful techniques can massage this information to make scientific inferences and to make money.

Thin case study l.jpg
Thin Case Study

  • Your family doctor asks you to participate in a study of genetic diversity. She asks you to donate some skin cells. The only identifying information besides a randomly assigned number is your zipcode.

Think l.jpg

  • Primary Question: Will you sign a consent form and give your doctor permission to use your cells?

  • On your green card, please write your name and list some questions you would like answered before you make this decision.

Slide8 l.jpg

  • Write both your names on the red card.

  • Please find two questions that seem important to both of you. On the red card, write one question on each side.

  • For each of these two questions, write down two hypothetical answers, one that would help you say yes, and one that would help you say no.

Share l.jpg

  • We will examine your questions soon.

  • Meanwhile, what people have a stake in your decision about this study?

  • Think creatively about people who might be affected by your decision, directly or indirectly. I’ll write your ideas on the board.

Examining your questions l.jpg
Examining Your Questions

  • How could you find an answer to each of your significant questions?

  • Which stakeholders have access to information relevant to your question?

  • Are there stakeholders who probably don’t have the answer to your question who SHOULD have that information?

Examples of assumptions to shape the case l.jpg
Examples of Assumptions to Shape the Case

  • ASSUME there is less physical risk to you than scratching your hand with your fingernail.

  • ASSUME the doctor is getting a nominal fee ($5 per person) for participating in the study.

Sample example questions l.jpg
Sample Example Questions

  • Who is sponsoring the study? NIH? A university hospital? A drug company?

  • How much $$ is the doctor getting if you participate?

  • Is the research focused on certain zipcodes? If so, which neighborhoods, and why?

What so what now what l.jpg
What? So What? Now What?

  • WHAT? Bioinformatics often involves human genetic information.

  • SO WHAT? Human genetic information has powerful potentials. Is it private?

  • NOW WHAT? Consider the stakeholders in bioinformatics projects. Their human values interact with technical decisions.

Other ideas around this subject l.jpg
Other Ideas Around this Subject

  • If I shake your hand and can isolate your skin cells, should you be able to keep me from publishing your genetic code (expressed as G,A,T,C symbols)?

  • Brainstorm analogies:

    • Genetic information is like…

    • My genetic code is like…