learn about futuristic technologies we actually need mr shamim akhtar n.
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Futuristic Technologies We Actually Need By Mr Shamim Akhtar PowerPoint Presentation
Futuristic Technologies We Actually Need By Mr Shamim Akhtar

Futuristic Technologies We Actually Need By Mr Shamim Akhtar

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  1. Learn About Futuristic Technologies We Actually Need - MrShamimAkhtar

  2. 1: Sound Technology That Allows You To Filter And Hear Only What You Want To Hear There are now special prototype speakers out there that can direct sound to an almost pinpoint degree, to the point where it will only be heard in one small location. Now, the second technology is fairly new and experimental, but with a little tweaking the two could be combined into an incredible invention. MrShamimAkhtar

  3. 2: Affordable Water Filtration Infrastructure That Removes Pharmaceuticals And The Like? Today, the water infrastructure of some of the biggest countries — including the United States — has some huge deficiencies. And we aren't even talking about places like Flint. But a huge amount of pharmaceutical? by products are ending up in the water supply. Unfortunately, many water filtration plants are not properly equipped to clean this stuff out of the water. MrShamimAkhtar

  4. 3: If We Could Create A Truly Energy-Efficient World, Much Fossil Fuel Use Would Be Eliminated Today, there’s an incredible amount of energy used that is simply untapped. This source is motion, in general. Whenever something is moving, a certain amount of force is used. Some of that energy is transferred (energy, as we know, cannot be created or destroyed). MrShamimAkhtar

  5. 4: An Exercise Bike — Or Bike Switching Station — That Powers A Home Generator As You Use It At the moment, this is the stuff of fantasy because of the amount of power it would (or more to the point, wouldn’t) generate. A bike-powered generator could fuel, say, lights for a little bit… and that’s about it. Some people have done the math and it really doesn’t sound like much. MrShamimAkhtar

  6. 5: Home Security Systems That Use Carefully Targeted Infrasound To Scare Off Intruders Today, we have a lot of state-of-the-art security systems but most of them are just concerned with motion detection, cameras, making loud noises, and so forth. And, of course, all of them alert law enforcement. However, some have already considered the use of infrasound detection in order to help find intruders, and with that in mind, infrasound could help us in an entirely different way. MrShamimAkhtar