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Olives. Trent Brick Period 4. How Are Olives Made Edible?.

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Trent Brick

Period 4

how are olives made edible
How Are Olives Made Edible?

When an olive is plucked from a tree, it is extremely bitter. To make the olives less bitter, they are fermented or soaked in lye. Fermentation removes the Oleuropein from the olive fruit, which causes the bitter flavour. The process of fermentation can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month.

what causes this fermentation
What causes this fermentation?

The bacteria that cause the fermentation of the olives are normally Gram-negative bacteria and yeasts. DebaryomycesHanseniiis the most significant type of bacteria in the early fermentation, appearing at about the 40th day of fermentation and disappearing at about the 75th day of fermentation for most species of olive.


the 75 th day onwards
The 75th Day Onwards

After the 75th day, DebaryomycesHanseniiis no longer the predominant species of yeast. Instead, Candida Memranifaciensis the most dominant.

Candida Memranifaciens

what type of fermentation is it
What type of fermentation is it?

The fermentation that occurs in olives is usually high salt fermentation, a special type of ethanol fermentation where the salt levels are abnormally high for fermentation processes, discouraging the growth of lactic acid bacteria.

what are the steps of this kind of fermentation
What are the steps of this kind of fermentation?

This type of ethanol fermentation begins with yeast being added to the olives in a salt-water bath, where the olives begin the fermentation process, where one would leave the olives covered and placed in a warm environment to keep the yeast happy, and wait for ~100 days. Enjoy olives after a bath in cool water.

what s the formula for this fermentation
What’s the formula for this fermentation?

C6H12O6 + 2 ADP + 2 Pi + 2 NAD+ →

2 CH3COCOO− + 2 ATP + 2 NADH + 2 H2O + 2H+

what s interesting about olives
What’s interesting about olives?
  • Olives have been cultivated by humans for over 4000 years
  • On the first vessels to the new world, they brought olive trees.
  • Olives are amazingly tasty and healthy
  • Olives are awesome

http://www.okyanusbilgiambari.com/Bilimsel.Makale/Okyanus-OliveFermentation.pdf - How it’s fermented [CAUTION: IN TURKISH FOR THE MOST PART, NOT WELL TRANSLATED]

http://www.fao.org/docrep/x0560e/x0560e07.htm - More information on fermentation in foods

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olive#Traditional_fermentation_and_curing – Provided helpful cite notes where many of the other sources came from

Http://www.wallpaperslibrary.com/ - Provided beautiful, albeit slightly difficult to type on, olive background

http://www.yourdiscovery.com/video/dirty-jobs-plucking-olives/ - Dirty jobs video

thank you
Thank You

…For actually listening to my ramblings on olives. Have a nice day! Here’s a dirty jobs episode!

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