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The Challenge of. Islam to Christianity. Classical Islam: power and authority Islam itself means 'submission,’ complete submission to the will of Allah Operates in every aspect of life at every level of society from individuals to states.

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Islam to christianity

The Challenge


Islam to Christianity

Classical Islam: power and authority

Islam itself means 'submission,’

complete submission to the will of Allah

Operates in every aspect of life at every level of society from individuals to states.

Classical Islam divides the world into two parts

Dar-al-Islam, the 'House of Islam',

Dar-al-Harb, the 'House of war'.

It is the duty of every Muslim to work towards turning all parts of the world from Dar-al-Harb into Dar-al-Islam –

Shari‘a Law - an all-encompassing legalistic structure

based on the Qu'ran and 'hadith’ (traditions)

Muhammad was illiterate he picked up stories from the jewish caravans

Born in 570 A.D. in Mecca

At age 40 went to meditate in a cave where he said he received messages from Allah thought to be through the Archangel Gabriel.

Muhammadwas illiterate. He picked up stories from the Jewish caravans.

Muhammad preaching


Monotheism not polytheism

(360 gods worshipped at Ka’aba (black stone at Mecca , image of Artemis in Ephesus Acts 19:35)

oneness of God- Allah

day of judgement

need to live pure lives.

Muhammad preaching

The pagans of mecca did not accept muhammad s teaching so in 622 a d he fled to medina

Muhammed became a religious & political leader in Medina

In 624 A.D. he won the Battle of Badr, extended his rule over all Arabia.

He united all the Arabs for the first time.

The pagans of Mecca did not accept Muhammad’s teaching so in 622 A.D. he fled to Medina.

Muhammad and the jews
Muhammad and the Jews

At first Muhammad had good relations with jews and Christians as the other mono theistic religions

First converts were his own family

Most inhabitants of Mecca rejected his teaching

When the jews (& Christians)

rejected his authority he became hostile towards them: bloody wars followed

Muhammad modified his teaching and began to preach more militant islam (jihad)

Taught that jews & christians had corrupted the faith from Abraham

Muhammad s new teaching

Muhammad’s new teaching

Obligatory Daily times of prayer, facing Mecca

Friday was appointed as a day for corporate worship

annual month of fasting was taken over from the pagans of mecca.

Spread of Islam

- In 632 A.D. Muhammad died aged 62

- Succeeded by Caliphs: ‘Golden Age’

- Islam spread across the Middle East and North Africa.

- Most of Christian Byzantine Empire destroyed.

- 11th-13th Centuries - Crusades: battles over the Holy Land.

- Jews and Christians treated as ‘dhimmis’ inferior subjects had to pay jizrya tax.

1980’s Radicalisation of Islam since fall of Shah in Iran. (Persia)

AIM: To set up a global Caliphate (world domination)

Islam and christianity
Islam and Christianity

Islamic Beliefs

Christian Beliefs

  • One God ALLAH

  • Prophet MUHAMMAD (messenger)

  • salvation by WORKS

  • paradise (place of pleasure: food, sex ) hell (place of torment)

  • Holy book: Quran (Koran) ‘infallible word of God’ in Arabic. One form.

  • Hadith(teachings of Muhammad)

  • Shari’aLaw

    Submission to Allah and his laws

  • One God Trinity:


  • Salvation by FAITH

  • heaven( with God) hell (place of torment)

  • Bible – ‘Spirit breathed’

    66 books, 40 authors 1,400 years

  • Ten Commandments

    Obedience, but freedom from the Law

Islam christianity
Islam Christianity

5 pillars Lifestyle


1. Recite creed

2. pray 5 times/day, publicly on Fridays

3. fasting dawn to dusk during month of Ramadan

4. giving alms to poor 2.5%

5. pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in lifetime.


  • complex doctrine

  • beatitudes

  • pray without ceasing

  • fasting as appropriate

  • giving, tithe to church 10%




  • missionary- hard control

  • exclusive

  • imperial, territorial

  • intolerant of other religions

  • male militant

  • Jihad (Holy War)

  • ‘moral’ but has hidden sins

  • sects: Sunni



  • Expecting the ‘Mahdi’(Anti-Christ) re-incarnation of Mohammed, ushering in the Apocalypse

  • missionary –soft

  • one way of salvation TRUTH

  • colonial expansion in past

  • non-resistance, peace loving

  • female (especially since ordination of women and feminist movement)

  • ‘Just War’

  • seen as morally decadent/permissive

  • sects and denominations

  • Expecting the Messiah, Jesus, resurrected, to come in Judgement and to set up His kingdom on earth

Today islamic arab countries surround israel

Why is a tiny country like Israel (only the size of Wales) seen to be such a threat to the Arab world?

Why do the Muslims want to destroy Israel?

To try to stop Jesus returning to Jerusalem.

Today Islamic Arab countries surround Israel

Key events in the spread of islam

Key Events in the Spread of Islam seen to be such a threat to the Arab world?

1980’s Imposition of Shari’a law in Iran by Ayatollah Khomeni and rapid spread

1990 Ahmed Deedat challenged British Christians to debate the WORD of GOD: the Bible against the Quran in London and Birmingham

2001 Bombing of the World Trade Centre in and terrorism against Western democracy

Challenge of islam to christians

Challenge of Islam to Christians seen to be such a threat to the Arab world?

Goal of world domination

Growing 4x faster than Christianity

Spreading all over the world: networks &


youthful, vigorous and aggressive


1 in 5 are muslim 1.5 billion

1 in 3 people are ‘Christian’-(most are nominal)

The birth rate amongst Muslims is far higher.



12 CITIES TARGETTED - London as centre


Incompatibility of Christianity & Islam

The Church is largely asleep!

Problems islam presents for britain

Problems Islam presents for Britain seen to be such a threat to the Arab world?

Christianity & Islam are Diametrically opposed

Infiltration of the education system

own schools , political parties, exhibitions etc

Royal family pro-Muslim/multi-faith

Prince Charles ‘Defender of faiths’

political correctness: Human rights agenda & Free speech

Ref:Pawson D.(2003) The Challenge of Islam to the Church Hodder and Stoughton. London.

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