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Final Project Management Information System PowerPoint Presentation
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Final Project Management Information System

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Final Project Management Information System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Group Members: Raafye Aziz…………. 13164 Qamber Raza ……… 11576 Bismah Ghalib …….. 13170 Jawad Ahmad……… 11595. Final Project Management Information System. Professor Zeeshan Bhatti. Shell Petroleum's. Business (Organization). Global group of energy

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Final Project Management Information System

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    1. Group Members: Raafye Aziz…………. 13164 QamberRaza……… 11576BismahGhalib…….. 13170Jawad Ahmad……… 11595 Final ProjectManagement Information System Professor ZeeshanBhatti

    2. Shell Petroleum's Business (Organization)

    3. Global group of energy • Serving in more than 110 countries • Objectives of the Shell group • (engage safely, responsibly, efficiently and profitably in oil, gas) Introduction

    4. The company has an efficient and effective incorporated IS all over the world. MIS in this Business…!

    5. Server system IBM AS/400 (POWER-based RISC CPU family eventually known as RS64) ERP Software (Originally developed by J.D. Edwards for SHELL) Database System used in ERP (Oracle and DB2) Server Hardware& Software What type of MIS are they using?

    6. Client/User Interface (Custom developed client software that can be installed on any PC.) For internal e-mail (Microsoft Exchange Server.Microsoft Outlook and any Email client.) Hardware (Branded PCs with smart card access devices.) Network (Connected through Fiber Optic based connection provided by commercial ISP) Client Hardware & Software

    7. Receiving Orders Stock Verification Customer’s account (credit) verification Send confirmation to Oil Depots Generate invoices Schedule oil trucks route to provide oil to the respective orders. Related Business Processes

    8. The Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) system uses DB2 on the AS/400, bringing over a mission-critical application called BOSS (billing, ordering, shipping and scheduling). Process Integration Detail

    9. Receiving Orders on Shell Edge Customer’s account Sending confirmation Stock verification Invoices generation and printing Oil trucks routes and schedules Steps of Process Integration

    10. Recording sales trends Forecasting sales Generating reports for top management Use information for inventory management Sales report generation

    11. Diagram for an over view of processes

    12. Names Location Order No. Available stock Order processing system Stock availability Customer’s credit file Order file Confirmation of order to Oil depots Reports Generation Sales Forecasting Inventory Management Delivery of orders Top-Level Managers

    13. Suggestions ( For Pakistan Region) • ERP systems are not implemented completely • The invoices are carried manually • No interaction of their customers with their Management Information System

    14. ThAnk You