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New and Emerging Technologies PowerPoint Presentation
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New and Emerging Technologies

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New and Emerging Technologies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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3 - New and Emerging Technologies. New and Emerging Technologies. 3 - New and Emerging Technologies.

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3 - New and Emerging Technologies

New and Emerging Technologies


3 - New and Emerging Technologies

Dealing with the acquisition, implementation, use and impact of new and emerging technologies on business culture, practices, channel and service delivery as well as meeting customer expectations

  • Cloud – Storage, Infrastructure, Application Processing
  • BYOC – Use of Personal Devices for Business Activities
  • Impact of Cloud On Service Oriented Architectures
  • Social Networks
    • Impact on business culture and communications
    • Impact on technology requirements

New and Emerging Technologies

Cloud computing - National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

“the provision of computational resources on demand via a computer network’”

A more complete definition may include:

“cloud computing is the use of the Internet and virtualization concepts to create an environment in which individuals and organizations can place storage and processing capacity, supported with communications, into the Cloud and to which users can transmit, process and store information”.

Cloud Computing


Increased Risks

security, privacy, availability and continuity


and scalability


New and Emerging Technologies

Related Studies

“businesses are turning to the cloud as a means to accelerate the rollout of functionality to support the business unit”.

Source: Deloitte Tech Trends 2011

This, however, results in applications that are “short on formal reliability, transactional integrity, security "

Source: Deloitte Tech Trends 2011

“cloud computing will increase from $17.4 billion in 2009 to $70 billion by 2015”

Source: IDC – Global Industry Analysts

For more information on cloud computing, see the ITAC Brief "Cloud Computing: A Primer" available on the CICA's website


New and Emerging Technologies

Cloud Computing Concerns

Security defects in the technology


Unauthorized access - leaked proprietary information




Service provider viability


Information Week Analytic - 2010 GRC Survey

Cloud computing also introduces privacy risks,Specifically, the Patriot Act which allows an American government agency to gain access to data residing on the cloud - without the cloud customer's knowledge.

Ernst & Young – Privacy Trends 2011


New and Emerging Technologies

Won’t Use Cloud

Cloud ROI


New and Emerging Technologies

Social Networks

Social Media in the Workplace

Role in the Election


New and Emerging Technologies

Social Networks

“Facebook and Twitter represent the move towards a world where companies have the opportunity to gain closer connections with their customers.

“social networks leave behind “digital exhaust”, which "should be mined, providing a rich source of insight on market positioning, consumer sentiment and employee productivity“

Deloitte Tech Trends 2011

Mining Digital Exhaust May Create Privacy Problems


New and Emerging Technologies

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, are representing a larger share of the computer market

More than half of computing devices sold globally will not be PCs

Non PC mobile devices ("smartphones, tablets and non-PC netbooks) will exceed the estimated 400 million PCs to be sold in 2011

More than 25% of all tablet computers will be bought by enterprises".

Deloitte Canada 2011 TMT Predictions (Technology, Media, Telecommunications)

Consumer Reports predicts that tablet computer sales will number 50 million in 2011 and 100 million in 2012.


New and Emerging Technologies

Mobile Devices

RFID, proximity, embedded data gathering present risks included interception of communications

NFC (Near Field Communications) will reduce the risk

“Smartphone manufacturers (e.g. Google Nexus S manufactured by Samsung and the Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 manufactured by RIM) are including near field communication (NFC) technology within their devices”

“Intuit demonstrated at the 2011 Google I/O Developer Conference their GoPayment service, which uses NFC "to let consumers wirelessly pay for items on the go through just a touch of an NFC-enabled cell phone”

Deloitte Tech Trends 2011


New and Emerging Technologies

New Technologies and New Uses of Technology Continue to Create Rick

Online Banking $465,000


New and Emerging Technologies

Business Reaction

Create policies and procedures to identify, assess and create a program to deal with new and emerging technology

Conduct risk assessments specific to each technology

Conduct risk assessments specific to each use of the technology

Implement monitoring and controls to ensure compliance with policies and procedures

Seek to gain additional business advantage from the new technology

New and Emerging Technologies Risk Management

Failure to identify and address emerging risks

Bleeding edge adoption

Loss of business competitive advantage

Incompatibility with technology and business culture