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Major Event and Festival Impacts

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Major Event and Festival Impacts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Major Event and Festival Impacts. Seminar 12: Case Study Assignment. Module Overview. Throughout this module we have: Learned how to define different types of event Examined the importance of large scale events at a local, national and international level

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major event and festival impacts

Major Event and Festival Impacts

Seminar 12: Case Study Assignment

module overview
Module Overview
  • Throughout this module we have:
    • Learned how to define different types of event
    • Examined the importance of large scale events at a local, national and international level
    • Explored how major events can help to create identity at various levels
    • Identified how major events have changed and evolved with particular reference to notions of spectacle
    • Identified and critiqued the various different impacts which events may have on their host population/city
    • Critiqued various different sporting and cultural events in relation to the above
case study assignment
Case Study Assignment
  • The second assignment will take the form of an event impact case study. This assignment is designed to overcome the following learning outcomes:
    • Discuss critically the importance of legacy in legitimating investment in major events and festivals.
    • Evaluate critically three impacts of a selected major event or festival.
  • The case study should discuss the rationale behind the decision to conceive/host the event and critique whether the proposed legacy was delivered in relation to the actual impact of the event from three perspectives (e.g. economic, social, media, political, etc).
case study assignment1
Case Study Assignment
  • The assessment is 2,500 words
  • Please submit a hard copy to W108 by 12 noon on Friday 19th April and also email me a copy
  • You should select an event of your choice (not one that was covered in the first assignment)
  • You must submit a proposal to me via email by 4pm on Wednesday 10th April
  • Your proposal should include:
    • Event title
    • Rationale for selection of this event
    • Which three impacts will be discussed
    • Main points that you will make
    • Key practical and theoretical sources
  • Introduction
    • Intro to the event and assignment
    • Definition of events, event typology
  • Event History/Background
    • Provide a context for the case study
  • Event Legacy
    • What is legacy
    • Why is it important
    • What was the proposed legacy
  • Impact One
    • What is the impact that you are looking at?
    • What was proposed?
    • Critique of what was actually delivered
  • Impact Two
    • As above
  • Impact Three
    • As above
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
    • Was the proposed legacy delivered?
    • Why?
    • What can be learned from this example?
  • Pick an event that has already taken place so that you can evaluate what was actually delivered
  • Remember that you MUST include theory throughout your report
  • Use the set readings but you MUST go beyond this
  • Make sure that you can get enough information on your event
  • Pick the three areas of impact that are of most relevance to your event
  • Remember the module is about MAJOR events so it needs to be a large scale event….